Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FB status updates

As requested by you FB Luddites (!), following are my most recent FB status updates, i.e., mini-blogs (yes, I know there's not a lot of insight you can squish into short blurbs!):

April 22: [Wharf Town], Magnetic Zeros, Mumfords, interminable food and beer lines. But still lovin it. :-)
April 23: Excited to be on the way to see His Purple Majesty.
April 23: Chaka Khan opens for Prince!!
April 23: Photos tomorrow... This darn iPhone FB app. :-( [P.S. Wish it was easy to share photos here...sometimes my status updates are JUST some good ones at Prince show and next day...]
April 23: Sheila E totally KILLS Glamorous Life. :-). Whew, I'm sweaty. :-)
April 24, 12:22 am: Now THAT was a concert old school style. Totally worth $25 and $12 beer!!
April 24: Magical music weekend: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros/Mumford & Sons at the wharf in [Wharf Town], then Prince at the Forum, culminating with "A Pirate's Life for Me" chorus while riding with pretend daughter and grandkids in a bicycle built for 7 on [DB Hometown] waterfront and my granddaughter's original Christmas-themed composition from the back seat on the way home. :-)
April 26: Prince again on Friday!

Yes, we're headed back to Prince again...what a fantastic show. And the venue is 15 minutes from our house and you can't beat a $25 concert! This week we're taking a large (10 plus people) posse with us. :-)

I have buckled down this week after a horrible food weekend which culminated in eating the grandkids' french fries on Sunday...which I never do!! This was a wake-up call for me. We've got another bathing suit vacation (week near Yosemite) with the kids and grandkids coming up in June so I've GOT to do something. Cutting back on booze and ANY "cheats" (don't have a lot of those usually but last weekend I saw the slippery slope).

Buckling down has not made a difference at all yet. Disappointing, but I am focused. Ski season is over so it's gym and yoga...if only I could wake up and make the 6:45 yoga twice a week...I am determined to try SOMEtime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been EXACTLY a month again...

...and I am a very very very bad blogger. Naughty Helen!

Ski season may now be over for me (although I'm still dreaming of maybe just maybe convincing DB to go with me next weekend -- he is "done") so maybe I will have more time to write. We'll see. Micro-blogging on Facebook seems to be easier for me to maintain at the moment.

Speaking of "maintain", that's all I'm doing. I go up a few pounds, I go down a few pounds. I stay in the same range. Unfortunately, this is still a range 15-20 pounds higher than I want it to be. But, like my smoking addiction before I quit, it seems that I have plenty of excuses why I'm not just doing it.

The good news is that I am exercising regularly and getting fitter even if the scale is not going down. Skiing is so good for me. I will miss it a lot. But I will up my gym time to make up for it a little bit at least.

To catch those of you who are not on FB up, I'm going to copy my micro-blogs (statuses) from Facebook for the past month. Feel free to ask for details or comment!

3/23/11: Pre-[music venue] show, sitting at [restaurant] on Hollywood Blvd eating the best turkey burger I ever tasted.
3/26/11: I love a good spontaneous slumber party.
3/27/11: I am a lucky woman...too many reasons why...hope you all know it's you. It is.
4/1/11: Super random fun : just ran into someone in a McDs restroom in the middle of nowhere who I haven't seen in probably over 10 years!
4/2/11: Skied allll the way from [one side of the resort] to [the other] today!! I have done all the bits ans pieces before, but never allll the way across and back. Beautiful day.
4/2/11: Yay for my hometown team...go Butler! :-)
4/3/11: Another perfect ski day = boring status update. ;-)
4/4/11: Snowy warm Sierra morning, balmy Venice evening listening to the surf...and a cow on the roof. I must be home.
4/6/11: Just had my doglet's teeth cleaned at home, no anesthesia, in 1/2 hour...SO much better (and cheaper) than taking him to the vet. Happy to provide contact info to anyone who wants a referral. I am sold!
4/7/11: Food is love. Our chef friend just made us the most amazing vegan dinner...OMG, I can still taste the deliciousness. She is growing her business and we will be having her back for a tasting for our friends sometime soon. Let us know if you are interested and we'll put you on the guest list. Words cannot describe the yumminess (and this from a girl who had burgers every other night this week for dinner)!
4/7/11: We literally licked every bowl, plate and pan clean!
4/10/11: First FB post from new iPhone!
4/10/11: Lazy boardwalk Sunday.
4/11/11: To all my vegan, vegetarian & veg curious friends, please let me know if you'd like on the list for a vegan tasting party at our neighbor's on April 21st. The talented vegan/raw chef [name omitted] is putting together a multi-course tasting menu. There will also be a pop-up gallery for the [local art crawl] same night, same location, featuring pieces by our favorite Venice artist [gorilla painter].
4/11/11: I love so much about my new iPhone but...need to know how to sync Google contacts and calendar and find some good voice recognition software.
4/12/11: Homemade Moroccan tagine for dinner, hang drum by the fire with sweetie and friend...all yum.
4/14/11: Have I mentioned lately how in love I am with my iPhone?
4/14/11: I wish I could organize my life so i would get more than 7 hours sleep
4/15/11: My infomercial producer friend needs Hong Kong natives over 18 who speak Cantonese and have occasional acne. If you know anyone, please have them message me.
4/15/11: On the party bus to Ski Town.
4/16/11: Sticky snowga day.
4/17/11: The Eastern Sierra is so beautiful that it makes me want to a different way than skiing down my first blue-black today. But not really. ;-)
4/18/11: So [DB] says he is done with ski season but I'd like to try to go the weekend of April 29-May 1. Anyone want to come with? I've got cheap options (and you can get a cheap lift ticket via me since I have a season ticket). Let me know! :-)
4/19/11: Waiting at ER to get ultrasound to make sure this pain in my calf is nothing to worry about.
4/19/11: My femoral artery has a clean bill of who wants to go skiing the weekend of April 29 with me? :-)
4/22/11: Tummy so full of "amazing" "stunning" and "oh my God" delicious raw/vegan food. Thank you, Chef Kelly, for sharing your yummy gift with so many of us tonight at the [local event]. :-). Wish you had a fan page... ;-)

And there you have it. Mostly food and skiing (or "snow-ga" as I call it). ;-)