Friday, May 23, 2008

The final pre-vacation weigh-in

Drum roll please...

I lost another 0.6 pounds this week (I'm happy with ANY loss this week due to beer/wine last weekend and soy sauce on Monday) for a grand total during this period of The Drastic of 23.8 pounds (no, I won't say 24 yet!). :-)

I am also wearing "new" pants today -- bought them about a year and a half ago in anticipation of losing (which I do not usually do and don't recommend) and never have been able to wear before now. Feels GOOD.

I won't lie -- I am worried about gaining next week even though I have been saying that I'm expecting to gain 5 pounds. I hope I won't freak out when I get on the scale when I come home, but I am not going to WORRY about food and drink while I'm on vacation...that doesn't seem very vacation-y to me. I will, however, continue to try to still PAY ATTENTION to what I'm eating and drinking. And I will exercise each day even if it's just a walk on the beach. I will try to get to yoga class at least once and maybe some private practice on the beach or in our cabana. We will bike. We will snorkel. Yay! And I will get back on The Drastic when we get home.

I started packing last night and it felt good to try on shorts and smaller tops and feel like I look good. I have to be honest and say that I haven't really felt that way in a long time. I even tried on some tops that I determined were just too big -- I firmly believe in wearing clothes that FIT to make me look slimmer -- wearing too big or too small makes me look fatter.

So...our flight to Cancun leaves tomorrow morning at 10 am. My mom is coming over tonight because she is staying with Doglet until our pet sitter gets back from Cannes on Monday (nice life, eh?). We'll probably leave for the airport around 8 or 8:30 in the morning and we'll get in to Cancun around 5 pm their time (3 pm LA time). After that it's about an hour and a half drive to our cabana on the beach in Tulum. I can almost smell the air... :-)

Probably won't be blogging next week, but you never know -- despite the fact that the beach area in Tulum is off the electrical grid, our place has wind and solar energy and is supposed to have wireless internet access too!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting "There" and Being Here

Where is "There"? I've been thinking about this...

I've been feeling like I'm getting There with my weight and my exercise and my yoga and my Drastic becoming Normal. But I am still not sure where There is. And it gets tricky when I feel like I might be almost There...I feel myself getting comfortable with Here. And that is actually great...when I'm in maintenance! But when I get comfortable with Here and Here is not There, then I can lapse and never get There and slide back into...There. Interesting how behind me is There and ahead of me is also There...I think this is definitely why it's important to learn how to be Here. :-)

Not sure if any of that will make sense to anyone else, but it's kind of an abstract of what I'm observing in my reality lately. Getting to a weight where I really want to be is much more of a reality than it has been for a few years. When I feel that way, I start to feel a little lax in my Drastic. Truthfully, this is probably healthy...I read somewhere this weekend that asking yourself to be perfect when losing weight 100% of the time is a losing battle. This thing said that we should try to AVERAGE 80%...some days will be 120% because you just do great, some days will be maybe 50%, but the AVERAGE is what counts. I agree with this, but I feel myself getting scared of getting too comfortable. So I still am watching myself carefully...I put on clothes that are not loose...this reminds me to keep going because people really notice the loss and I don't have room to grow! (Today I have the Talbots 12s on...looser than a few weeks ago and now perfect.)

I guess all this might come from my weekend and our upcoming trip to Mexico. Last weekend at the party we went to on Friday night I had about 3 big glasses of red wine and some "forbidden" foods (bites of pita after dark, cashews, pita chips, hummus). I woke up feeling all cotton-mouthed and yucky...haven't had this feeling since February and I don't like it. I also had some beer and wine on Sat. and 3 beers on Sunday. This was a lot less than I "normally" would drink and there were no ill effects. I ate well both those days, walked 2 miles round-trip to sweaty yoga on Saturday and went to the gym on Sunday too plus a couple other beach walks. But the booze worried me because I will definitely be drinking next week in an environment where I won't be able to control the snacks which are available as much (at home I always have jerky, radishes, artichokes, lean lunch meat for when I get snacky). I don't want to blow up when I drink my first margarita. So I guess I was experimenting last weekend. Since I have the pants on, I probably did ok...hopefully with the exercise I did a maintain (I haven't gotten on the scale -- had some soy sauce last night when I made a tofu/ginger/cabbage stir-fry -- one of my favorites when DB is gone 'cause he doesn't really like it like I do). Side note on sodium -- it TOTALLY affects me (I know no one will be surprised). I had an old ring on yesterday that I haven't been able to wear in a long fit great and that was just another NSV for me. This morning post-soy sauce -- I couldn't get it on!

We also did a lot of other stuff last weekend to get ready for the trip -- bought last-minute clothes and supplies. We're trying to go "light", but even though we're taking minimal clothes (I'm planning on 3 swimming suits, 3 shorts, 3ish sarongs, a few shirts, a dress, Tevas, water shoes and flip flops, basically), snorkel gear takes up a lot of room! So we'll be taking one big suitcase and one small for 8 days for two people...should be ok. I hope so!!

DB is gone this week on business so I'm wrapping up the home fires (he'll be back on Friday and we leave Saturday morning) and my own work fires (of which, of course, there seem to be a LOT the week before vacation...I guess I'm lucky next weekend is Memorial Day and a lot of people have already left for vacation THIS week!). I'm feeling a little stressed out although we are very well planned -- some chest and arm and head discomfort this morning. I think I just need the vacation A LOT...or maybe it's my screwed up hormones. Dear God, please don't let me have a heart attack or stroke this close to vacation!! ;-)

If anyone hasn't been around in a few days, be sure to read the post below about the infomercial -- I hope everyone will feel free to send along to any friends they might have who might qualify -- I know it's hard for a lot of people to confront that they need to lose that much (I'm having a hard time getting the people I know to do it), but I think it's a great opportunity -- I'd JUMP on it if I could!!!!

Here's to being Here and appreciating both Theres.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Calling all L.A. weight losers!!!!

It's tiiiiiime!!

Remember that great infomercial opportunity I blogged about way back in November-January? Well, it's finally time to do it! You must have at least 75 pounds to lose and be in the L.A. area. I wish I could do this -- free delicious food for at least 13 weeks?! WOW. See details below. And if you contact Roxanne, tell her you heard about this from my blog (and post a comment to me too if you have time -- I'm excited for you!)!


Would you like to lose weight, improve your health and have fresh, delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your door for 13 weeks? Would you like to enjoy a variety of wholesome foods, and cut out the hassle of planning meals, shopping, and cooking?

We are seeking men and women between 25 and 50 years of age who have between 75 and 125 pounds to lose. (And minors 18 years + with parent[s] consent.) Potential candidates can be either sedentary and once were active OR should currently be exercising and are not achieving the results they desire. Selected participants will receive healthfully prepared, energy enhancing, balanced meals and snacks for 13 weeks for FREE (a $2,730 value)!! In addition, we will help educate you in effective food combining, proper portion sizes and how to eat well, so that you can achieve your weight loss goals! You will be motivated throughout the program as your results are tracked and recorded. You may even be chosen to appear in an Infomercial for this Meal Delivery Program!

In order to be considered for this very special opportunity, participants must provide the following information:

• Name, Phone number, address, e-mail address and age
• Current height and Weight
• Weight loss goal
• A current photo in JPEG format

You MUST live in Los Angeles between the boundaries of Los Feliz and Santa Monica in order to participate!

roxsteiny at - ASAP!!!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Being happy with the Weigh-In

Today I am down another 1.4 pounds from last week. That brings the grand total to over 23 pounds, I think (sorry, blogging fast this morning so no time to confirm my numbers but, if you're interested, you can do the math as all my numbers are in last Friday's post below). With one week to go before departure for Mexico, I am very happy with this. :-)

The funny thing is that the more weight I lose, the more "bad" details I see with my body. I don't remember noticing these things 23 pounds ago (and I won't enumerate them here and give them even more power to obsess me!). But, since I am noticing them now (or allowing myself to notice them maybe), they are troubling me. So I have to spend a lot of energy focusing on the loss, the clothes that feel and fit better, etc. I know I'll probably never feel perfect and somehow have to come to terms with that...again.

Got up early this morning and walked with DB to our local farmers market (just 4 blocks from our house). The produce, etc. was beautiful, I used to go to farmers markets once a week to get the freshest/in-season stuff, but stopped (now I remember) because things were cheaper at Trader Joes. Sad, but true. But we splurged on a few things -- fresh cherries, corn on the cob, cabbage, yellow squash and radishes. I'll figure out some concoction to make tomorrow night with all this (minus the cherries which DB and my office will eat today!). DB is out of town again all next week on business so I'll be back to all salads!! This serves the dual purpose of getting off that last little bit of weight before vacation and making me so sick of lettuce-type food that I won't feel bad about not risking lettuce in Mexico. ;-)

Super busy weekend coming up: birthday party/dinner for a friend tonight, hardwood floor repair at the house all day tomorrow starting at 8 am (yawn, I'm tired already!), yoga, pre-vacation pedicure and brow wax, shopping for final stuff for vacation and birthday gifts for one of the grandkids and (hopefully) Raconteurs show on Sunday night (tickets go on sale in about an hour and a half and we're crossing our fingers!). Oh yeah, I've got to fit another gym or yoga in there somewhere on Sunday...and I will. :-)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I never blog on Thursdays...

...because I'm saving my mojo for after my Friday morning weigh-in. But today there are a few things on my mind other than what the scale will say tomorrow:

1. The Pants. I have on this pair of pants that I bought last November and never could wear. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I put them on and they fit perfectly. Today they are bordering on too loose!! I haven't lost that much weight in the past 3-4 weeks, but I guess I've been toning a lot. While this is something that I admit I'm pretty happy about, I'm kinda sad to see them go by so quickly. They're very nice pants. So, at some point, I'm going to be asking if anyone wants a nice pair of pants that's only been worn a couple of times. Get ready! ;-)

2. Splurging. Vickie's comment on my post yesterday reminded me of how, when I was losing The Big Weight, I would still always have a donut every other Friday at the office. Even doing that, I still lost weight because other than that planned "splurge" I was pretty perfect all the rest of the time with food and exercise. And that's what I was talking about yesterday...I know splurges can come, but I will need to be very vigilant that they don't come every single day as they were for the past few years when, while I was being "good" with food in general, I was splurging every day on SOMEthing. And Vickie is right too about really is all about paying attention whether before we eat or after.

3. Diets. I know them all. I love reading about what people do to lose weight. I'm sure you all do too. But what I see actually working for most of the people who are really successful with weight loss is this: do what works for you. And I think it's VERY individual (although eat less, move more really says it all). Similar to what I did when losing The Big Weight, I don't look at what I'm doing right now as a diet, but as the way I need to operate from now on. THAT is why a "diet" never worked for me and I don't think it ever will -- a "diet" has a date when it's over. Changing how I look at food and exercise lasts forever (even when I let it go for a few years, I still didn't look at food or exercise the way I did before '94...and I never will again). So my Drastic is a temporary drastic version of what I have to continue to do forever. It's harder this time around...I used to eat a ton of pasta (The Big Weight Loss was all about no-/low-fat and exercise) and still lose weight. My body won't do that anymore. So I rarely eat white carbs at rice, no potatoes, no bread, etc. Night is my tough time so this really works for me...I eat a LOT of veggies at night instead. And, so far, it's working for me...this time.

4. Compliments. DB told me this morning that I look great. This felt very good. But, and I wonder if anyone else can sympathize, it also made me feel scared. Does this mean that he thought I looked bad before? What if I gain weight again? Will he not love or desire me as much? This is a tough one and I am scared. I'm sure I'll blog more about it because it's on my mind more and more...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeling good...Salad Week and Reality TV

Very quickee post today with just a couple of things...

Feeling good...another pound down today on a mid-week weigh-in (we'll see if that holds for Friday). DB and I are doing our "Salad Every Night" plan this week and it feels (and tastes) really good.

The interesting thing I'm finding right now is that the more I lose, the more motivated I am to want to keep it up. I guess that's not such a revelation, but it's a switch being thrown in my brain back to where I used to be -- feeling good is worth the discipline it takes (some days) to stay on this path.

I'm still thinking a lot about what's much more do I want to lose? How much more should I lose? Are those the same (I think maybe not)? What happens when I get to whatever ephemeral "goal" I set for myself. Am I going to ever be able to splurge (I know the answer here is "yes, within reason and not every day")? The questions in my head go on and on.

A couple of reality tv notes for any of you who watch Dancing with the Stars and/or American Idol:

Dancing: If you saw Monday's show, you saw my neighborhood!!! The part with Christian and Cheryl at the beach was filmed at the end of my street along the Venice boardwalk. Fun to see. :-)

American Idol: I really really am loving David Cook. I can't wait for him to perform each week (even when songs are lame as some have been lately). The other David is just too darn boring and I think the producers of the show sabotaged Syesha last night.

So there... :-)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Skipped a concert/date for the gym

Maybe that's a little much, but this shows how serious I am, right? (I have to admit that I wasn't all THAT excited about the show anyway, but giving up a date with my sweetie is major!). Anyway, last night I actually skipped going to a concert with DB because I didn't have time to do that AND go to the gym. Yes, I really did that. So I went to the gym, had a salad for dinner and watched "Lust, Caution" (NOT recommended) while DB went to the show with another friend (so at least I didn't deprive him due to my diligence about exercise!).

It was a 3-Netflix weekend -- I watched a movie on Friday night (Starting Out In The Evening --very beautiful -- I love Frank Langella and Lily Taylor) and DB and I watched Juno on Saturday night (I'd already seen it, but it's so clever that I was happy to watch again).

Saturday I also got my hair cut and practiced my Spanish with my hair-cutter, then walked to yoga (so luxurious to be able to walk along the beach to yoga -- not to mention a 2-plus-mile round-trip of extra exercise!) which was great (Forrest Yoga -- my belly muscles still hurt today!). By the time I walked home, DB was back from Nearby Town. Yippee!!

Yesterday we took my mom to brunch, then went to sporting goods stores -- to REI and got some water shoes and some hiking Teva sandals for me, some special Crocs for water and hiking for DB (or so he thinks -- I don't think Crocs are too great for hiking, but...) and an aluminum (or stainless, I'm not sure) water bottle for me. Then to Sports Chalet to try on ski boots that they were holding for DB (this is the time of year to buy). His feet are so wide that it's hard to find good shoes for him....the ones they were holding weren't quite right so we're having a couple of others shipped over to try and we'll go for them this weekend. He's got to go out of town for business all next week so we're gonna be BUSY this week!!!

Today I got the fun of going with DB to a dermatoligist appointment -- he's had a huge cyst in the middle of his back forever (since before I knew him) and it's started to be red the past few weeks -- I popped it yesterday and got a lot of gunk out, derm had to incise it and I needed to be there to get instructions on aftercare. WARNING -- rest of this paragraph is probably TMI and weird -- skip if you are squeamish -- but I really actually love popping skin thingees and squeezing them so seeing this little surgery today and all the gunk that came out was pretty cool. Odd since I don't like blood and guts at all, but there it is. I'm hoping it will all be healed before we start swimming in the ocean in Mexico...the doc didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but we'll get back test results on Thursday.

DB is all about the salads right now so I am heading into another week of salads every night...we are gonna look so fab when we get to Mexico!!! :-)

Oh yeah, another thing -- I did a bit more clothes shopping for me this weekend (it's so much more fun than it has been in a looooong time now that almost all the 12s are fitting!). I found the elusive shorter shorts and also got a cute slimming pair of dark denim capris. I love shopping for clothes so much...but I do have a new rule: when something new comes in, an equal amount goes to Goodwill. So I bagged up some capris and shorts this weekend. Oh yeah, and shoes too to make up for the shoes we bought. I feel so virtuous. ;-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Scale helps with perspective

I know...we all hate The Scale. It's irrational and, being rational people, we try to psych it out -- why is it up when we've eaten and exercised well? Why is it down when we haven't been perfect? There is often no rationale for what we see when we step on it. And that is a perspective I'm trying to come to terms with.

BUT...over the long term (longer than a few days or weeks) it can give us SOME perspective.

I have been recording my weight at least weekly for over a year and a half now. I can see where I was last year (not too bad) and in mid-February of this year (very bad). And, happily for me right now, I can see today. And today I needed to look at this morning's number along with a few others in order to get my honest perspective:

- I am down 3.8 pounds from last Friday.
- I am down 1.6 pounds from two Fridays ago.
- I am down 21.8 pounds from February 19.

While it may seem to some of you that I have been losing quickly, I really wish this process was faster. One pound a week or so is healthy, but for how Drastic I still feel I have been generally, it seems like it's awfully slow. And the perspective with that is that it is WAY easier to put pounds on (a pound GAINED a week? NO problem! I can do five easily!). So I'm working toward my vacation where I know I will be eating a lot more than I have been by starting to visualize how I will try to not go too far overboard -- I will need to try to remember how much easier and quicker it is to put on the weight than it is to lose.

And, be assured, I do intend to keep losing (10 more pounds would be nice...I could go even further, but we'll see)!! I probably will gain when we are away -- margaritas, chips, Mexican food -- all this is far from what has become (again) my normal diet. But I am strong in my conviction to keep at it when I get back...I will get back on the wagon immediately...just as I have after our little vacations to NYC and skiing where I fell off for a bit. I need to remember that I have had a good loss these past few months despite having gone of the tracks TEMPORARILY during those special occasions. The key is to IMMEDIATELY get back on. And, in order to be sure I do that, I am starting to think ahead to that NOW. Visualizing how I will be after vacation and dealing with how I will cope with a little gain.

I am working on figuring out (or coming to terms with) how The Drastic will become (is becoming) The Normal. THAT is the key for me to keeping up this good path that I am on.

Day to day stuff: DB comes home tomorrow -- yay! I've missed him a lot (although his being away has allowed me to be really good this week -- salads every night for dinner! -- I may continue this when he's back and he seems like he might be game for that). Tonight I plan to walk Doglet (if it's not too gloomy/cold at the beach), then watch a movie. Tomorrow I have pre-vacation hair trim, then yoga, the DB comes home. Sunday we will take my mom out to breakfast for Mother's Day then I will go to the gym (or yoga if times work out). I also would like to be able to shop for some shorts for our trip -- why are all the shorts they are selling now so LONG (at least where I was shopping the other night)? It's going to be HOT in Mexico and I need shorter loose shorts. (Yes, I did buy a new bathing suit. Tried one on that I really liked and it was too big. Went out and found it two sizes smaller -- perfect. Trying on clothes was fun -- I fit in all the 12s and, of course, that was the day I was in the 10 skirt. I'm a lot happier as a 10-12 than as a 12-16!)

Wishing everyone a great and fun weekend...and lots of perspective when dealing with The Scale. ;-)

P.S. Don't forget to watch or tape Pasta Queen on Sunday's Today Show!! :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If I don't like (and don't accept as "real") the up fluctuations, conversely I can't accept the down fluctuations either. This is why I haven't been weighing every day. Today I popped on the scale just to see what was what because I was feeling good and wondered if I should be brave enough to try to wear a skirt to work that I haven't worn in, oh, probably almost 4 years or more (I love this skirt or I would have gotten rid of it long ago...very flattering when it pencil skirt to the knee and hugs the body). So what happened? Down like 3 pounds from YESTERDAY (I didn't pay attention to the decimals because I know it's not REAL).

I know it's not REAL because I ate yesterday EXACTLY what I eat every work day: dry blueberry toast, an egg white and an egg for breakfast, frozen Trader Joe's chicken vindaloo for lunch, a few pieces of melon, some grapes and one piece of pineapple in the afternoon (actually that fruit was extra...I usually don't eat fruit), then salad for dinner, TJs frozen fruit bar for dessert, some radishes and some little artichokes for snack. I guess I should say I eat PRETTY MUCH that every REGULAR work day (the snack in the afternoon was extra yesterday, the snacks after dinner are different and sometimes I eat lunch my detriment...see below). So how did my scale say 3 pounds down today? It's not REAL.

But, while it's not REAL, I do have that skirt on today. And it fits perfectly and I look good (at least two people mentioned it). That FEELS good. :-)

So maybe I should weigh every day...if the scale goes down, I'm motivated because what I'm doing is working. If it goes up, I'm motivated because I want it to go down. I will think about this...when I lost The Big Weight, I weighed every other day (when I went to the gym).

And today, I'll try to live in the moment and just feel good about being in my skirt. :-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got on the scale

And I'm down 1.2 pounds from Friday...but this means that I'm still a pound OVER my lowest (on April 25). I haven't been perfect the past 10 days so I guess that's it. I'm now slightly LESS than 20 pounds lost since mid-February. :-(

Trying not to get too down about this since I remember the 15-pound marker was also a toughie to really get to and past. Maybe it's just my reaction to the round numbers...I'm pretty sure my body doesn't know that 5 pounds is a round number! ;-)

I'm also wearing some pants that I bought months ago that I haven't been able to get into comfortably until now (including the week of April 25). Unfortunately, now that they fit, I realize they're probably a little too short for me! But they are Talbots (which I had to buy because of Lori when I saw them at Goodwill!). ;-) And, despite the scale not REALLY going down, I still am looking oh-so-much better than 2 1/2 months ago. Just gotta keep truckin'.

My body feels delicious after the two yogas this weekend...I feel my muscles, etc. in a way that I just don't get from the gym workout. So this weekend I'll be heading to more yoga and after the Mexico trip I'll be weaning off the gym (which I've been religiously doing a few times a week) to go back to full-time yoga. My body and spirit are looking forward to that! :-)

P.S. To Vickie -- as far as I know, no decision has been made about DNRs or whatever for DB's parents. I think it's going to be a lot of phone calls and agonizing decisions when/if that time comes. I am so happy that my sister, mom and I have had these talks and know exactly what to do if such things happen.

Monday, May 5, 2008

More yoga and more

My yoga yesterday was totally different than on Saturday -- more what I'm used to -- a flowing series of poses -- very sweaty and not a lot of attention to form from the teacher (at least verbally). I like these classes because they are good cardio exercise, I lose my busy mind and can get very meditative by just "going with the flow" and I know enough to watch my own form and self-talk through. This is not as great as if a teacher reminds me (and pushes me to my own level), but is ok for every day practice. But I really feel sorry for and sometimes worry about the other people in the classes who have not had the chance to study with as many different teachers as I have and who don't know how they can really hurt themselves doing things wrong...or help themselves by doing them more "right". Anyway, the studio was huge (several rooms in one building) and very beautiful with all the yoga "amenities" (props, music, etc.) that a person could want. In these big studios, they often go for the least common denominator types of yoga...again, this is ok, but I am so happy that I have had the chance to get more in my yoga journey. :-)

My overall weekend was kind of nice, but it's very difficult up there -- DB's dad makes absolutely no sense when he talks 95% of the time (dementia). His mom (Alzheimer's) sleeps constantly. Neither of them eats. Both of them have problems with controlling elimination so DB is constantly changing diapers and clothes. DB is, understandably, depressed and cranky when up's not a fun environment. Having said that, I was so happy to get to be there with him, it was nice to see his sister and her kids who were there when we arrived on Friday night, and everything smells amazing, etc. (see prior post!)

I really will miss DB this week...he's been home for over a month and I got used to it...woke up in the night last night with a very bad dream and then I REALLY missed him!! ;-)

I ate probably more than usual over the weekend (it's kind of boring being trapped in the house with the parents so, naturally, we eat -- "we" meaning me and DB, not them) and had a couple of beers. For that reason, I didn't get on the scale this morning when I got home...figured I'd wait until I'd been totally good for one day again and will get on tomorrow. However, I didn't eat anything that was bad, just more quantity than I probably needed. I'm going to hope that my exercise balanced that out. And I'm eating salads every night this week with DB gone... ;-) In any event, the yoga made my body feel really good -- I am walking straighter, better, feel great.

We watched There Will Be Blood yesterday afternoon. Wow. Really, just wow. So interesting, SUCH good performances. Wow.

And we also watched this talk on-line. It's 18 minutes long, but totally worth your time. I haven't seen anything this thought-provoking in a very very long time. You won't regret watching -- you will smile and think. And, on that note, here's to nourishing the right brain. :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Everyone in the house is napping...except me

I don't I'm dropping in here to talk a little about my yoga class this morning.

The Iyengar studio is SO close to DB's parents house...I made it there in 5 minutes. The previous (level 2-3) class was still going so I talked with the "office" person to fill out paperwork, pay and get the lay of the land. They had some nice Nag Champa incense burning outside in a hedge of honeysuckle. It smelled amazing! (I am HIGHLY in love with smells...for example, I can tell the difference between the smell of DB's neck and head! And I love beautiful smells -- Nearby Town this weekend smells like spring -- it's a heady mixture of green and floral and ocean. No wonder this is just about my favorite town in the world.)

The studio itself was lovely...not too big, gorgeous wood floor, lots of props (I had brought my own mat, towel and blanket too), very comfy. There were about 20 people in the class and the teacher (as all good yoga teachers do) came over to all of us who hadn't been there before individually to find out if we had any physical issues they should know about. I was very lucky that today's class was about standing poses because they are very healing for my main issues (knees and back).

I had forgotten how SPECIFIC Iyengar is...every single muscle, bone, tendon is described in detail as we worked each pose. And, in the class which was about an hour and 45 minutes, we really only did a few poses: dandasana (staff pose), tadansana (mountain -- I had never worked that pose so much!), trikonasana (triangle -- again, wow, how different this felt after working and holding it for a LONG time, concentrating all the while on EVERYTHING -- this is usually one of my "easiest" poses, but today it was WORK!), warrior 2, a supported fish/bridge pose with a bench as a prop that I had never used before, and final savasana. Most yoga classes that I attend go through a lot more poses in a class...but this was a treat to really FOCUS on each of these very basic poses. As other times when I've had the chance to do Iyengar, I feel like I got a ton of GREAT tips that will be wonderful for my practice. I loved it and will definitely go back there when I'm back here in Nearby Town.

After yoga, I went and got healthy food for the house (I have never been here before when there was anything healthy!). This afternoon, I dead-headed the roses in the's beautiful...we're up on the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. And I love rose my first house I had a lot of rose bushes and I miss them. Tonight we'll have a barbecue (wild salmon, veggies, potatoes and seedless watermelon for dessert).

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to another yoga studio (Iyengar is not open) to try a more traditional class (the class today was much less cardiovascular than I am used to). I'm excited to be able to do this...I have missed my asana practice SO MUCH...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Not such a fun Friday weigh-in

Well, I'd better get this over with: I am up 2.2 pounds from last week. This is the first time I've been up since starting The Drastic except for that week I was in NYC and not eating well at all. This week I'm pretty perplexed about this and am trying very hard to think this is an aberration: while I wasn't perfect this week, I was very very good. I did have a few glasses of wine over the week. I ate out for lunch on Tuesday (grilled chicken, rice, salad, steamed dumpling). But I think eating out for lunch yesterday was the killer -- I ate at a Chinese place and, while I had chicken wonton soup and veggie moo shu (just veggies and egg), I think there must have been soy sauce in there because I felt really really bloated the whole rest of the day -- to the point that last night I did a lot longer than usual on the elliptical and had a smaller salad with no protein, strawberries and artichokes only for dinner. When I see such a small thing really affect the weigh-in, I'd be lying to say it's not depressing.

(It also could be because I didn't, shall we say, go to the bathroom this morning and that can make at least a pound's difference...)

But I am still in skinny jeans today. And I'm pretty sure even 2 pounds over my whole body doesn't make me look that bad (more and more people are noticing my weight loss). And...NO MORE SODIUM like that!!!!! Which totally sucks because I love my Japanese and Chinese food... :-(

Headed to Nearby Town tonight for a couple of days -- DB has his "duty" week taking care of parents and Evil One who is usually there to help is off on a church "mission" in Europe for two weeks (I find it hilarious in a nauseating way that Evil One is SUCH a "good" Christian that he goes and does stuff like this, but is SUCH a...well, BAD his family). So I'll be there to help DB out for at least a couple of his days of duty. I was a little worried about doing this because I had a lot of exercise planned for this weekend: two yoga classes and swimming with a friend. BUT, yesterday I researched yoga studios near DB's parents' house in Nearby Town and found two places that I can go...definitely tomorrow and maybe Sunday too. The most exciting part is that the closest one is Iyengar!!! This is the type of yoga that I think is great for healing injury (and I'm having some elbow and back pain the past couple of days) and is not readily available to me at home so I'm REALLY looking forward to that class tomorrow morning! :-)

Mainly I'm just going to try to forget this morning's weigh-in and hope things are better when I can get back on my scale on Monday morning.

Have a good weekend, everyone! :-)