Friday, August 26, 2011

The Numbers

After two of the most stressful weeks ever (which I will write about someday), and racing off to Burning Man wedding, I had an appointment with my gyne this morning. The numbers speak for themselves (first number is May reading, second is early this week):

Estradiol: 53 (too low), 113.5 (great)
Progesterone: .6, .6 (both ok)
Testosterone: 35 (too low), 137 (too high -- explains irritability that DB has noticed)

Thyroid is still low (now T4 is 1.07, and it was 1.69) but better...heading toward healthy range.

MOST interesting though are the cholesterol and glucose results -- my doc said when she saw the results she said to herself "what is she doing?!" -- without further ado:

Cholesterol: 242 (bad), 186 (MUCH better -- now in healthy range)
Glucose (Hemoglobin Alc): 5.8 (bad), 5.0 (great)
eAG (estimated average

My good cholesterol also went up and bad went down.

My calcium is still too high, but I am continuing with less vitamin D so hopefully it will keep coming down too.

And, drum roll, please: I am down 20 pounds from my (brief) highest weight in May and a good solid 15 pounds less than the plateau that I was struggling with early this year. About 3 more pounds to go until I hit a new low (which, to be realistic, will not happen on vacation next week -- although I plan to be as careful as I can).

So -- red rice yeast, no yolks, cutting down on red meat, no cheese, and some other supplements REALLY seem to have worked.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's still working...and I'm still working it

Each week lately I hit a "new low" for this phase of my journey with weight. It's usually at the end of the week and early in the week I "gain" back a bit. But the trend remains downward, week after week. I am so happy that I have been writing my weight down every day for a few lets me see the patterns...and how they change.

Almost all the clothes in my closet fit and look good. At my current weight, I feel and look healthy. 10 or 15 pounds more than this, I don't. I wore a pair of jeans last Friday that I haven't worn in over a year and that felt really good. I have also worn some things that have NEVER fit (because I bought them too small...thinking I'd keep losing...and didn't).

I am 5 pounds or so above my lowest weight from October 2009. And, yes, I would like to lose those 5 pounds too and 5 more for good measure.

I am more fit than I was a few years ago, I think. I feel strong and graceful getting back into my Yoga Body. I still am getting up at an hour I never have before (voluntarily) for yoga twice a week (class starts at 6:45). Getting up is hard, but once I am there I am so happy.

Trying on my wedding dresses (I have 14 -- two for each day of Burning Man -- my art project = me = The Bride!), my arms look toned and strong. And wedding dresses are seemingly engineered to look and fit better than any clothes I have ever worn before -- I swear I look, well, beautiful in every one! What fun!

I am still going to therapy but am considering quitting -- the One Big Thing that I wanted to deal with doesn't seem to be coming up with this therapist. Some weeks it is useful, but mostly I feel like I'm wasting time and money.

We are heavily into pre-Burning Man preps, but I think we will be good and ready by the time we leave on August 28. It will be a special year, for sure! DB and I are determined to stay healthy.

I go in for blood work and gyne appointment the week before we leave. I am excited (and hopeful) that the meds, supplements and small dietary changes that I have made show in the blood work. Right now, I am using my scale as a gauge of health -- seeing my weight go down the past couple of months with minimal diet and exercise changes has made me realize what a useful tool it is for that. I should have known earlier this year when my weight was weird and I couldn't fix it that something else in my system was too.

Work continues exceedingly busy...but I am taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm! ;-)

A friend signed off an e-mail recently with something I really love and am going to start to use:

If anything can go well, it will.