Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two pieces of body/weight knowledge reinforced

The colonoscopy turned out fine. Doc was very happy that I had cleaned out for two days ahead of time instead of just one. I was too because it made the "prep" much less unpleasant. I had one polyp that he is sure is ok and it was removed (they biopsy it anyway). Now, here are the two things reinforced:

1. All calories are not created equal. I am certain that I "ate" less calories in my two prep days than I normally do. But they were all sugar and/or salt liquids (even though I tried to stay low sodium and lower carb). Did I lose weight? No. I actually "gained" a couple of pounds which are still lingering. I have no doubt that they will melt away after a couple of days back to my normal low-carb, low-sodium eating. So, if you think it's just a matter of calories, I say it's not. Food composition is, in my opinion and my experience, equally important.

2. Everybody's body is different. DB made the same anesthesia choice as I did. He was awake and ready to eat on the way home from his procedure. I was woozy and unhungry for HOURS after I was awake. I literally could not make my brain work to do any work that afternoon from home (as I had planned). Felt fine the next day, but the day Of? Nope. My body processed the anesthesia differently. I extrapolate this to most everything with how individual's bodies work -- there may be similarities, but it's important to know YOUR body and listen to it.

Fun yoga thing: this morning in class, the teacher said "hey, look back here, this is a perfect plank hiding in the back of class". Yes, that was me. I felt good because I work on form HARD. And that is something that this teacher really works on too. Of course, we're all perfect, but I still felt kinda extra-perfect today. ;-)

Going away this weekend for three days for our last pre-wedding anniversary (7 years on Saturday).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick prep update

First to Sharla: my gyne recommends Designs for Health brand and I use them quite a lot. Your doc can set you up with an account and you can buy direct from their website although my acupuncture doc also carries it if I need to pick up locally.

Interesting colonoscopy prep observation: I usually do not eat a lot of salt or sugar. Pretty much the only calories on this liquid diet prep are from sugar and, unless you are REALLY careful, the broth you buy is VERY salty (what I bought at a regular store for DB last week had like 100% of RDA in one box). Starting on liquid yesterday, "eating" these things I am not used to anymore, I noticed that the first taste wakes up my taste buds like "wow, a party in my mouth", but after about 3 sips, I literally cannot taste the flavor of the "food" AT ALL. It kills my taste buds. So, no, this is not fun. ;-)

I don't love the sugar spikes either...but I've got to have something in my system because I am used to eating every few hours and get nauseous and weak if I don't.

For those of you doing prep in future, try the Trader Joe's low sodium broth: it's got less than 1/5 of the regular grocery store's sodium and, otherwise, the nutrition information is identical. I'm looking forward to that for lunch and dinner.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The changes are still working

I still don't know which of the meds or supplements is the thing (or things) that kicked my body back headed to a more comfortable weight, but it's still working and so I'm happy!

Tomorrow I start my clean-out for my first colonoscopy...oh fun! DB had his last week and it was no big deal because he started cutting out hard foods a day early so I'm going to do the same thing. My body is ready for a cleanse so I'm actually kind of looking forward to it even though the only (all liquids) things I can eat over the next couple of days seem to have a lot of sugar or salt. DB didn't lose a single pound during his process so I'm just going to be happy to stay the same.

Today I reached a new low for this last couple of years...just a few more pounds until I'm at my all-time low from October 2009...less than last year at this time so that feels good. I am happy I write down my weight every really helps.

Laura asked about supplements. I love them and take a, here's my list, with NO recommendations for ANYONE else...this is just what I do each day:

women's multi with low iron (I get overloaded on iron easily)
vitamin C (builds immune system)
berberine (helps body process glucose)
alpha lipoic acid (ditto -- powerful antioxidant)
glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM (joints)
vitamin D (hmmm...all docs say to take this now...I was taking too much, so have halved)
DIM (helps body process bio-identical hormones)
cranberry (protects from urinary infections to which I am prone)
ubiquinol (helps liver process the red rice yeast, which is a statin)
(and, at night) red rice yeast (cholesterol)

I've noted above what I think each helps...your mileage may vary. And, of course, am taking the natural thyroid prescription.

I'm excited to get my blood tests next month to see if this all shows up in the blood as well as on the scale.

Yoga feels so good -- I can't believe I'm getting up so early twice a week for ANYTHING. My yoga body is coming back. Showing someone a photo of my wedding gown (strapless) yesterday, they said "wow, you have a great upper body". YOGA, BABY!

And it goes on...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally taking a few minutes to catch up here

And there's A LOT to catch up on over the past month so this is going to be in list-form and not elegantly phrased (no time to edit, just typing away to get things down before too much time has passed and I forget things):

Weight loss: I am down between 10 and 13 pounds from the highest weight in the range I've been in for the last 6-8 months. How and why did this happen after SO MUCH trying and frustration? I changed my diet VERY little since getting the medical results at the end of May: stopped egg yolks and cut down on meat and animal products (goodbye cheese and morning turkey bacon). I added a veggie (onion, mushroom and/or whatever remnants are in the fridge) to my morning egg product. But, MOSTLY, I think it's something that I've added: either the thyroid medication or the supplements to help my body digest (specifically glucose) better. I even managed to keep my weight in the lower range over vacation. I like seeing the scale go down. Or even hover in a lower range.

Yoga: I'm very addicted now to my twice-weekly 6:45 am yoga class that I substituted for my twice-weekly nighttime gym workout. This is in addition to the Saturday class I've been taking for about 6 months. I am just totally loving this teacher and this class -- you know it's true because I am SO not a get-up-early-and-exercise person! It's wonderful to feel my yoga-body coming back. I get stronger every day. So I miss 45 minutes of sleep twice a's worth it!

The Big News: DB and I are planning a couple of weddings. Oh yeah, you knew that one wouldn't be enough for us! ;-) While we have considered ourselves married for years, when we heard the Burning Man art theme for this year was "Rites of Passage", we started thinking about having a wedding. And, when we realized that a lot of our family and friends couldn't or wouldn't make the time and money commitment to go to BM, we decided we'd have another wedding next year too. This is perfect because I so cannot decide on just ONE wedding dress! I've been ebay shopping like crazy and am planning to wear (short, cute) wedding dresses and veils EVERY DAY at BM this year. It's my costume: The Bride. You wouldn't believe how cheap you can get GORGEOUS dresses on ebay. Anyway, the one next year will probably be at the lake that we went to on vacation with the PDs and their families in mid-June (near Yosemite). We loved it there and it's where we told our family about the weddings. My sister will be matron of honor and all the girls in the family (my niece, my PDs, my granddaughters will all be bridesmaids!). It's been fun to see everyone's reaction: ALL thrilled and excited.

Work: HORRIBLE heavy workload. Having a meeting in an hour to discuss with bosses what to do before I have a breakdown. I am not going to be modest: I am fantastic at my job and even my super-powers cannot handle the load right now. Thank goodness for therapy right now...although it takes time out of my workday that I do NOT have. on Sept. 1 at Burning there. :-)