Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cruising along

Whew...the weekend was busy and I'm just NOW getting over it! :-)

Saw Devil Wears Prada on Friday night -- liked it, but was very very very cranky with Netflix -- about 5 minutes of the climax on the DVD didn't work! I am still not sure exactly what happened. So I whipped off a note to my friends at Netflix telling them that while I am in love with their system that perhaps it is not so fantastic when 30% of the DVDs I've gotten in the past month have had problems like this! Grrrr. They sent me a very nice e-mail back (two days later) and sent out a new DVD without getting any back so I had 4 out for a second there yesterday instead of my usual three. I do so love Netflix, but the quality of the product, not so great right now.

DB came home early Saturday morning and boy was I happy to see that man! Two weeks with no kisses is not so fun...I used to go MONTHS without kisses and I was fine...but I guess I'm addicted now. ;-) We had a quick frittata as I zipped out for a go-see for an infomercial that a friend of mine is producing. It's for some very pricey skin care products and they wanted people with brown age/sun/hormone spots. Well, I have a few of these on my right hand and have had them for over 10 years and I hate them because I think they make me look old. I also have one spot on the side of my face and a million and five on my chest and legs. It was fun to have all these people so HAPPY to see these spots! (It turns out that I did actually get "cast" in the infomercial even though I don't "have enough" ugly spots -- they let my friend put me in anyway!).

After the go-see, I had to pick up a ton of fire wood and grocery shop for some snacks and drinks for the beach bonfire on Saturday night, then went to the gym while our realtor showed my house. After that, I had to jam to get showered and help DB get all our toys (hula hoops, drums, other instruments, incense, fire spinners, blinky lights) packed into our cars to head to the beach. We stopped at Subway for a sandwich on the way down and got there about 6 pm and just barely got the last fire ring at the beach!! Whew!! Of course, the fire ring wasn't where we had told our friends to meet us but, thank goodness for cell phones, we all met up finally.

It was a blast. I hoped to have some better photos to post here, but a couple are above (that's me in my glasses and glowy headband!). After they threw us off the beach a little after 10, we headed over to some friends' house and hung there until LATE. I was very good with food that night...after Subway, I just had low fat chips and a couple of drinks. :-)
Sunday we slept in until almost noon (new time). It was glorious. :-) After that we took it slow...went down to the beach for brunch (I had a veggie wrap and salad with fat free dressing). It was a fantastic, warm, sunny day. We had a walk along the beach, then went to see some properties. In the evening, we had some cocktails in my garden then a small dinner and watched Babel (kind of disappointing to me, but DB loved it). We crashed at 11 (new time). :-)
I'm finding it pretty easy to get back into the swing of very good eating (and no drinking) during weekdays. It feels good to have that discipline. Not that I'm eating/drinking like a total madwoman on the weekends, but it's good to come "home" to being "good" during the week. :-) Last night we went out for sushi though...I've gotta learn to eat it without the (even low sodium) soy sauce...I'm scared of sodium after my experience a couple of weeks ago!
P.S. Thanks to everyone for all your advice on Friday...all is much better now...although this week is (hopefully) TTOM.

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