Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's not easy being a supermodel ;-)

Yup, I had my "before" photo shoot this morning...early...and, let me tell you, I now realize that being a supermodel is not all about coffee and cigarettes (neither of which I use anymore)!! ;-) It actually was fun...I went in, signed paperwork, got the products, took off my top, put on a terry strapless thing (they wanted to see my spotty chest) and then the shoot started. It was kind of disconcerting having them pour over every single photo before moving to the next...and there I was with NO MAKE-UP. Yikes. It was really kind of hard to keep the exact same pose while they looked at the last photo, decided what to do next, etc. I felt like really just a thing, not a person. Poor real supermodels! ;-)

The lighting was so nice in the studio though that I didn't look as much like an ogre as I was afraid I would (but I won't be getting professional photos of myself with NO MAKE-UP any time soon!!). The sideview photos were actually kinda nice. It was funny to have the producer fussing over my hair (which was just in a ponytail) with me there with NO MAKE-UP!! ;-) The hand shots were harder...since I was the first supermodel of the morning, they had to actually figure out how to do them with me as the guinea pig. It required a little contorting. ;-) was fun...cross your fingers that the product gets rid of my spots (although, to be honest, the other women who were there asked me why I was because I "don't have any spots" to them, they were right, but it sure shows how spots are in the eye of the beholder).

We lost a townhome that I really liked today because our MORONIC realtor (who, unfortunately, is also a friend so I can't rip him a new one) didn't call the realtor for that property to just let him know we were interested. So they accepted another offer and we didn't even have a chance to overbid. I asked our realtor to call the guy LAST MONTH. I am furious. But trying to not dwell on it...

It's not easy being a superwoman. :-)

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