Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Monday

I could have used at least another day of weekend!! The weekend was as busy as I expected and I am back at work today with a bad cough. The good news is that all that moving of boxes, etc. MUST have been good exercise and I went to the gym too! I also was good with food -- no time to think about eating more than a "regular" person. So, with the exception of the cough, I'm feeling good today...

I was going to go to yoga class tonight because one of my favorite teachers who rarely teaches anything but privates (pricey) is subbing at a studio tonight. But I think I'd better stay home and get rid of this cough. I have another busy week ahead and can't be sick!

The house looks really good now -- most everything I don't need for a few months is now in storage. Hopefully this will mean we'll get some offers after the open house next Sunday...or even before. We still haven't found that perfect house for us, but there are several possibilities -- including selling my house and renting for a while in hopes that the market drops even more so we get a REALLY good deal. I am not so sure this is a great strategy though -- houses at the beach really don't lose value and one of our requirements is that our new place has to be within 2 blocks of the beach! Easier said than far!

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