Thursday, March 29, 2007

If it's not one thing...'s my mother! Just got a call a little while ago from her senior complex -- she's had a bad fall and is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital! I talked with her and she sounds ok, but apparently tripped over some carpet installers something-or-other and has a black eye, bloody nose, hurt arm (she hurt it when she fell out of town last week) and hurt leg. They are taking her for Xrays. I will have to leave work in a little while to go get her (the hospital is probably about an hour from here) and get her home and settled. She's got neuromas in her feet and can't feel much in them so this has been just waiting to happen as she gets older (she's 77). She's very resilient though, so I hope she hasn't broken anything.

The second thought that came to my mind when I got this call was: I'd better be able to make it to the gym tonight!! If it's not one thing... ;-) I think I will make it...although I probably won't make it back to work depending on when they let her out of the hospital (assuming they DO).

Not sure how weigh-in will be tomorrow. I have been very good this week with eating and back to the gym on Tuesday. If there is justice in the world, the scale will be going down again. It's actually amazing to me that I am doing as well as I am with the eating and drinking -- I feel pretty stressed about my house not getting any offers yet and not finding a place for use to buy either (I guess that last part is actually a good thing!). I really need to be in a house SOMEWHERE by August since my family from NYC is coming to visit then. I have guests coming in May too, but they have been forewarned that I may (will hopefully) be in the midst of moving. Send good real estate thoughts please! :-)

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