Friday, March 23, 2007

Still sick...

...and the weigh-in today made me even sicker. Up 2 pounds. Not surprising since I couldn't exercise all week and just laid in bed and ate soup. At least I watched the sodium this time so the gain wasn't as bad. Just when I think I'm getting some momentum on losing, something like this sickness relapse happens. Very depressing. :-(

I'm going to the doctor this afternoon -- this bug is living in my chest and ears and it's not getting better at all. I think I need drugs. I hate taking them, but I hate being sick more right now.

Feeling very "poor me" today.

The best news of the week though is that I celebrated my 4th "birthday" on Wednesday -- 4 years of not smoking! :-) Wonderful DB sent me beautiful flowers and a note (he always remembers even though he never knew me when I smoked) to celebrate. :-)


Lori said...

Listen, you've accomplished a lot -- 4 years of not smoking. I know from watching my dad quit smoking and others quitting -- it's very hard.

I hope you get something good from the doctor. It's not fun taking medicine but if it's going to make you feel better, it's ultimately good.

Your DB sounds wonderful and very sweet. Can we clone him and send him East?

Vickie said...

Did you go to doc? Prescription? Better? Oldest ended up on Z pack last week.