Friday, March 16, 2007

UP 1, but not too depressed

I'm actually relieved. I have been BAD the past two nights by drinking wine (the real estate day yesterday was my excuse to "lose it" last night) and last night I didn't even go to the gym because we were going to see a potential house. It's also TTOM so I could put on a pound (or more) just from that!! So I'll be happy and be a better girl next week. :-)

This weekend I have to pack up a LOT of stuff in my house and get it to storage because we have a "hot prospect" coming to see the house and my (yes, still moronic) realtor wants as much stuff out as possible. It will be a busy weekend for me since DB will be up in Nearby Town taking care of his parents starting tomorrow so I'll be on my own! The good thing is that I just moved (and scaled down) two years ago AND this means I'll be 1/2 packed for our ultimate move...hopefully SOON!

Today is Valentine Do-Over for DB and me (to make up for VD when I was so sick at my stomach that I couldn't eat and also got the third-degree burn on my arm!). I'll be cooking the same special dinner and we've been wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day all day. He's the best playmate. ;-)

Happy Valentine Do-Over everyone!

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