Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm baaaack

Well...almost! I still have a deep and loose cough and my ears seem to get stuffed up at least once a day, but I am back at work, back at the gym (as of tonight) and back to feeling like I have at least a little control over my body! This bug is just incredibly tenacious...I know some people have been relapsing on it for a few months. I really really want it GONE.

In spite of this, I managed to go see some houses this weekend (still nothing that we can afford that we really like), move more stuff out of my house into storage (so the house looks REALLY good now), and have dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights with some of our very good friends! I am SO ready to have the house sold and get a new place...although I'm happy to have had this springtime in this house: the wisteria is blooming, the fig tree is leaf-ing and it's just beautiful in my garden. I'm appreciating every minute I have in this house...and I'm also ready to move on. :-)

It's good to have DB back from Nearby Town too...yeah, THAT's the real happy news. :-)

Now I just have to get totally BETTER. Thanks for all your good wishes and ideas...it really means a lot. :-)


Vickie said...

everything is budding out here too. Glad that you are better. Have you considered having somewhere in the new house just for you? You've lived alone for a long time - might need your own space. the lady across the street from us has a "no men allowed" sitting room - small - desk, big comfy chair - but just for her.

Helen said...

Definitely will have some place just for me in the new house! DB and I have already talked about how we each need our own space...and probably need more space as a couple than if we joined our two current small "batchelor" places together. I just hope we can find a place that meets all (or most) of our criteria! ;-)