Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer approaches

Well, barring a huge snow storm in the Sierra sometime in the next month, I think we are done skiing for the year. Our last weekend (two weeks ago) was the best of the season -- light snow all day Saturday, bright sun and warm all day Sunday, and warm on Monday (when we skied two hours in the morning before heading home). I actually skied a few "blue/blacks" (advanced intermediate) and had fun on them (after the first panic of seeing the steeper slope -- DB takes me down my first time on different slopes and I'm usually good after that). I'm proud of me! ;-)

That weekend we also were able to afford a condo right at the lift so all we had to do was walk 100 yards and we were skiing. I can't begin to tell you what a great luxury that is -- to not have to lug all your equipment into a car, then park, then lug into a lodge to change then stomp to the lift. We can't usually afford to stay so close but since the snow has been minimal this year the rentals are much cheaper than usual. Oh oh, now we are spoiled.

Our last run that Monday definitely told us it was time to stop for the season -- it was so warm it was like skiing through slush or mud. Not fun. The "snow" is so wet, you can't turn. And if you can't turn, you can't stop. DB and I both almost crashed on that run -- a very familiar and easy one for both of us. We went into the lodge and said "ok, that's it for this season!".

So now we have our weekend back and, while I LOVE ski season, I must admit it's nice not to have to crowd two weekends' worth of chores, social life, etc. into one. Last weekend was wonderful. Saturday, after we supervised visitation with The Molester, I went to yoga, then we had a date to see "American Idiot" live show downtown. The next day, we had NO plans. It was AWESOME. We walked for hours at the beach and around our neighborhood. Luxury.

We have a similarly unscheduled weekend this weekend - yay!

My weight is still maintaining. I am back at yoga with minimal pain in my ankle, but I still have to be careful. Walking seems fine, but yoga still is kind of ouchy. I still want to lose at least 10 pounds before the wedding in July, but I am feeling pretty good in my body right now...and that is rare.


Vickie said...

I didn't know you had set a date for July. What are the plans?

I was wondering about your ankle as I was reading the first half about skiing.

I have the exact same feelings about pool season. SO excited to get out the pool stuff and go, but when it is time to pack it up for the year, equally excited.

Helen said...

Hmmm...I guess I didn't blog about the next wedding. It is only going to be for the immediate family -- which, in our case, since DB has 5 siblings, is about 60 people! We rented 5 houses at the lake near Yosemite where we went last year on vacation. This is our big $$ outlay -- we are giving our family a week's vacation. We rented a day-use campsite on the lake for the actual ceremony -- we haven't seen it yet, but we are going up next weekend on a "wedding scouting trip". At that time, we'll also meet with a caterer and decide if we will do that or just do a barbeque brunch after the wedding. It will be on July 23 -- the 8-year anniversary of the day we met. It's a Monday which is great for costs like catering. :-) My sister will be my matron of honor (like I was for her a million years ago!), my niece, stepdaughters and granddaughters will all be my bridesmaids. The grandsons (and my nephew if he wants to) will also be involved. The 5-year old grandson has decided he wants to wear a Batman costume (I told everyone they can wear whatever they want -- most of the girls already have their dresses)!! My 7-year-old granddaughter is going to dress as a bride. The advantage of all this is that they'll have Halloween costumes already in July! So much fun planning...I feel extra lucky that I get more than one wedding and more fun!

Vickie said...

sounds wonderful, batman outfit is priceless