Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Annual Physical

I had my annual physical this morning. It went well. The first thing he asked me was for "the good news". I really had to think about that because I was all prepared to talk about the "bad" health stuff (weight, constipation, hormones)!! I finally came up with the fact that I have now been quit smoking for 4 years. Then I remembered that I haven't been drinking during the week since January. So, two good health things.

He gave me some good ideas about what to do about the constipation (which he thinks is a factor in why I'm not really losing weight -- although I am down 7 pounds from when I was in to see him in September and my weight is not high enough that he's really worried about it from a health perspective). He agreed with my mom's idea about prunes and told me to warm them up first -- something about the laxative properties get released that way (that warmth thing is similar to something Vickie suggested so it must work!). I had some warm prunes for breakfast after the physical.

My BP was 112/70. :-)

I'm now officially 5'7" instead of 5'8".

He felt something in my throat and isn't sure if it's thyroid or remainder of that virus I just had. We'll see when blood tests come back.

I've got a prescription for a mammo so I'll need to schedule that soon.

I'm very disappointed to realize that I am only down 7 pounds since September...especially when I must have lost at least 30 in the yo-yo of the past months. :-( But, again looking for the good news, at least I am down (and even down a little bit from last year at this time -- when I wasn't weighing). I haven't looked at the scale at the doctor's office in years, but it was nice to be able to get some real perspective since he keeps the weights year-by-year. The weight I have gained back clearly starts when I quit smoking. So I try to be forgiving of myself because I know that makes me way healthier than weighing 20 or 30 pounds less.

Thanks to Vickie for the Pilates suggestion -- I ordered the DVD right away! :-)

Thing making me sad today: DB doesn't love the house we saw on Sunday like I do. To me, it's soo great, so much better than what we've seen so far, so in the exact location (location location location) that we want, so affordable, that it's hard for me to understand his lack of excitement (even though I realize it's not perfect...what is?). This is a place we could move into and not have to do anything, but have the possibility of making changes as the years go by. Plus it's got two rental units (one we would keep for his studio/office and the other we would rent to help with the mortgage). But, if he doesn't want to go ahead, I guess we won't. As I said to him earlier today, I love this property, but I love him more. I will be disappointed though.

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