Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Was up last night from 2:30 am until 6 am...my mom was in the ER for one of her tongue-swelling episodes (she's had them for 7 years). I'm exhausted...not a fun thing for a school night.

Stopped at McDs on the way home for a breakfast burrito (I was starving and decided I would eat that instead of my usual breakfast...that way I could sleep 1/2 hour later before having to get up for work). Definitely not my finest hour in resisting temptation.

Am still feeling like "if it's not one thing..."

I think I can still make the gym tonight on this little sleep. I hope so. My knee is acting up and I know it's because I've missed my gym lately (even though I've done some extra walking...which is probably not good for it).



Vickie said...

is she logging her food and activites so that you can pinpoint the trigger? Doesn't it have to be something she breathed, touched or ate???????

Helen said...

Mommy is less than great about logging her food (or paying attention in any real way to what she puts in her mouth). Her allergist says that it's probably the Aleve that she took yesterday after she stopped the Vicodin she was taking for her arm pain. Personally, I think it's exascerbated by stress. But Mommy does NOT want to hear or consider that. I just know I'm going to be even crankier the next time this happens (which, of course, I hope it doesn't). Funnily, when I called to check on her this afternoon, she told me that when I came to the hospital last Thursday when she was in the ER that I "looked so pretty". She almost cried when she said that. I swear that that is the FIRST TIME in my LIFE she has ever said that. Seriously. She's always been so much about "looks are only skin deep". I would have cried if it wasn't so sad. Anyway...

Lori said...

I'm sorry that your mom was in the ER and you're stressed out. But, a breakfast burrito at McD is only 7 points in WW parlance.

That's so sweet what your mom said to you the ER. I know you are pretty both on the surface and underneath. Thanks for your nice email; I'll write later.

Take care of yourself.