Friday, April 27, 2007

Weird Weekly Weigh-in

(I do so love my alliterations.)

I'm up 0.4 this week. I was so so SO hoping that I would be down just a little bit to show that that huge dip last week was the beginning of a downward slide rather that just one of my weird fluctuations. BUT I really don't feel so bad:

- It's less than half a pound and probably is due to that rice for lunch yesterday. I did go a wee bit overboard.

- I still am FEELING slimmer. This is compounded by wearing (again) the pants I wore last weekend that have NEVER been this loose on me. From the pants alone, I think I must have lost at least 15 pounds total and, while that is way less than I would have liked to have lost by now, it's not too bad.

- I'm going to be getting some fun exercise this weekend and we're pretty much only taking healthy food and will be out in the mountains so little chance of eating really bad this weekend.

- Digestion is moving...I think that is making the difference. So I'm going to keep up what I'm doing.

It feels SO good to be wearing these pants...I can't tell you. A few months ago, I couldn't even button them up. And now I can stick my whole hand down inside them WITH my body in there too! This kind of stuff is where I get my motivation to keep going. It's nice when the scale backs me up, but feeling better is really the most important (in photos from last weekend, I actually have objective proof that I look least to that helps too!).

I'm off to battle mountain lions, rattlesnakes and bears...wish me luck.

(And, for you The Office fans, I just have to say "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica.".)


Cindy174 said...

that is so great, wearing the pants you could not wear before. I love it. Congrats on that, and thanks for the comment on the hormone thing. I friend of mine got the same thing you are talking about and loves it. I am going to ask her who her doctor is and go see about it. Keep feeling good!

Lori said...

The pants scenario is just so wonderful! You're doing great and 0.4 is just a blip and it's probably the rice, I agree! The way your clothes fit is a better indication of how you're doing than a number on the scale to be honest. (Unless DB is taking your clothes and having them altered without your knowledge but he doesn't strike me as a cruel practical jokester.)

Have fun this weekend and take a hike for me. I still think 15 pounds lost is fabulous!

I loved this week's "The Office" -- bears, beets, Battlestar Gallactia!

Vickie said...

I know it sounds weird - but I have heard time and time again that it works - but he has to be upside down...and when you move - you have to dig him up and take him with you - but not until you close.

Beula said...

Thank you Helen. I read the book over the weekend. What an eyeopener. Will have to drive 80 miles to a doctor but it may be worth it. I have resisted doing anything as I know menopause is normal and not a condition for which I need a cure. However, if my pancreas quit working I would never hesitate about replacing the lost insulin. This may be the same for my ovaries and estrogen. And, I would like to sleep again sometime before I am dead. I am thinking....

Congrats on pants!