Monday, April 16, 2007

Third post in one day...

...this must be some kind of a record, but this thing is just TOO funny not to share (I've already watched it at least 10 times and it still makes me laugh):

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Vickie said...

Okay - I am just too much a mom - all I could think about is - was that kid really saying all that - or was it dubbed on somehow? if she really was - how are they going to get her to STOP saying it?

POOP talk - I thought about your McD breakfast "working" and realized that is exactly what I do.

I have this combination that works for me. Salad every day - lunch or dinner with real greens (lettuce or spinach) and then breakfast is quaker oatmeal (the cook kind not instant), skim milk, 1 cup raspberries or tart cherries, 1/2 nf cottage cheese, and 4-6 oz protein (usually lean hamburger and salsa or chicken and salsa).

I have tried the other whole grains - but Quaker Oatmeal (old fashioned kind) AND all the other stuff is what DOES IT for me - morning - regular - feels like it is all "cleaned out".

I totally sympathize with your sluggishness - because I have dealt with that lots and it is awful!!!!

I am not suggesting that you eat McD's for breakfast every day - but if what you are eating every day ISN'T doing it - try other things. And if you eat different things every day - maybe you need to eat the same thing?????