Thursday, April 26, 2007



Am just Recovered today from the Rambunctious dinner on Tuesday (don't try that at home, folks!). But Real estate will do that to a Relationship. Not to mention how the aftermath seems to have made me Ravenous.

Anyway, my dear ones, yes, we are deep in negotiations for the triplex at the beach. Now DB is very VERY passionate about it...goody (remember how he was definitely NOT before?)! We are both working hard on the purchase...which includes the added stress that my house has still had nary an offer and we really need that money to make the purchase work. We really can't manage more that a couple of months carrying both mortgages and it's scary to be purchasing (probably) without at least an offer in hand to sell (probably). But we both love the new place and I think we can make it motto always is "no guts, no glory (within reason)". ;-)

At this point, I really am just longing to have the process over...we've been looking and for sale for close to six months and it's exhausting. At times I'm tempted to just say "forget it, everything is good as is!" and that is true except for one thing: I really want to sleep with DB every night without one of us having to drive to the other's place! Not to mention that (as we often say) we want our underwear to live at the same house. ;-)

Just in time to thwart the worst of the stress, we are off camping this weekend up in the mountains. I am very excited because this is the first non-Burning Man camping we will have done in two years! (And, for those of you counting, this is only my FIFTH camping trip of my life -- the first was 2 1/2 years ago when I had first met DB -- that's another great story!) I can't wait to camp where there are trees.

Oh yeah, food. Well, the past few days I have been Ravenous. I have watched it so that the things that I have eaten in those FEED ME periods have not been bad (i.e., I had popcorn on Tuesday instead of the danishes in the kitchen, I had lots and lots of salad yesterday instead of pasta for lunch). But who knows what this will all mean for weigh-in tomorrow? Tonight is gym night, but I had Indian food for lunch (the "good" kind without any butter or cream), but...I finally feel full, but hope it's not TOO full. For dinner tonight, I'll just have a salad while I finish packing for the trip. (We're taking all low-fat and healthy stuff to eat while away...yay!)

My digestive system has been pretty good this week...not as good as last, but it's moving. ;-)

Tomorrow I hope to graduate from Rs to Ss: slimmer, sassy, sexy, strong!


Beula said...

Hi Helen, this question is coming from Cindy's blog. Where did you get those bio-identical hormones? Are they prescribed and did you have to go to a compounding pharmacy to get them? I am afraid to take HRT but might give this a whirl. God knows I need something. Thanks.

Helen said...

Hi Beula!

I'll leave the answer here then pop over to your blog to tell you to come back here!

My gyne prescribes the bio-identicals. They are custom-made and prescribed for my particular balance of hormones. This, unfortunately, means you have to have blood tests periodically to monitor how your body is reacting to them. (You also will know that by whether you have your period or not and other "how I feel" factors. For example, we changed up my progesterone one month and I started to get my teeny hot flashes again. We had to adjust the estrogen to make up for that.) Your body is constantly changing and the pharmaceutical HRT doesn't take into consideration YOUR individual needs.

Having said all this, I am afraid of HRT too and this type has not been entirely researched because there is not big money in it so the pharmaceutical companies do not fund the research. There are potential problems -- I have a mammogram once a year which is more often than recommended for someone with no breast cancer in her family and who is only 45 just because the estrogen is a risk. BUT there are a lot of benefits too... Suzanne Somers book, talk with your gyne and try to get a prescription. If your gyne doesn't know anything about this (many don't and so they don't recommend it...just because they don't KNOW), there are doctors recommended in Suzanne's book and I am also totally happy to hook you up with my gyne. You can get the blood tests where you are, have them shipped to her and she can probably prescribe like that (without you having to come to SoCal).

P.S. Yes, I get them from a compounding pharmacy -- the one I use is in Washington State and they are great. I just call and they ship them to me. They are NOT expensive (especially next to traditional HRT).

Good luck!!!! :-)