Friday, April 6, 2007

Down 0.8

It's been a slow week for blogging for me...the mid-night extravaganza on Monday threw me off a bit.

So today I'm down 0.8. I have a kind of a pact with an on-line friend that we will shoot for just ONE POUND a week until June and see what happens. ONE POUND a week seems so little (I can fluctuate that much during a bathroom break!), but it is a lot more than I have been able to average over the past months since October. This friend has helped support me with the WOW program and I'm hopeful that this new idea of hers will also inspire me.

On the WOW tip, I am shocked that my stopping drinking on weekdays has not resulted in continuing and constant weight loss. I was drinking every night for a looooong time and I thought this would really shake things up calorie-wise if nothing else. And I have been VERY good about sticking with the program...while I haven't seen an impact in my weight, I definitely FEEL better...most days! :-) I've heard of people stopping drinking and losing 10 pounds immediately, so it's kinda weird that I've cut out easily 1200 calories/week by not drinking since January and my weight hasn't reflected that. I'm not going to stop WOW, I'm just discouraged not to have the results I hoped for.

Tonight a friend is taking me out for my birthday dinner (yes, I know my actual birthday was over two months birthday lasts FOREVER!). :-) I'm really looking forward to catching up with her. Her hubby ended up in the ER for an emergency appendectomy last Thursday when I was in the ER with my mom for her fall (on that tip: my mom is healing very well -- we got her huge splint off today and now she just has a wrist-sized cast -- she got to pick the color: purple -- which will go with her Red Hatter garb! I'm amazed how well she is healing for being 77...I'm not sure I would heal that fast and I'm just a wee bit younger!!)

Tomorrow I'll go to the gym, do errands and then DB and I have ANOTHER birthday dinner with some friends (I told you we're mad birthday celebrators!). Sunday we'll have Easter breakfast with my mom, then we're seeing a property that I am very excited about the possibilities for (crossing fingers) and then having birthday dinner for my BFF (yes, someone else's birthday finally LOL).

DB leaves on Monday for a 12-day stint in Nearby Town with his parents. He's having to cover an extra week this month for one of his sisters, but that works out well because he's switching with her for August so he'll have the WHOLE MONTH OFF!! Yippeee!! We'll be going to Burning Man that month and my NYC family is coming to visit that month too so that will be great! I really hope we have a new home by then...


Lori said...

Down is down...that's more than half of a pound and almost an entire pound.

One blog I'm reading, she weighs herself every day and averages out the end result. I'm not sure I could handle the constant weighing though. I know it's frustrating for you.

As for the weekday drinking idea, it's possible that you might not see the results of 10 pounds for a couple of reasons. One is you have had a lot of things going on in the last few weeks/month like babysitting DB's kids and eating their food, your mom, being sick, etc. The other thing is that you might be doing what I've done when I've given up cheese. I think, "oh, no cheese so I'm really giving up calories and I'll have something else." I have a tendency to overestimate how many calories I give up and underestimate how calories I'm substituting. But I really think it's Scenario #1 that's been going on -- vacation, your mom, being sick, being out of your house, etc.

It's a lot of stress that you've been under and you're also selling your house which is not easy either.

Just remember, 0.8 this week is good. It's better than a gain and it's just a matter of sticking with it. I'm glad you've got a fun weekend ahead.

Vickie said...

good luck with the house you are seeing - are you having a great time looking or just anxious to be settled? How is your mom's tongue???

Vickie said...

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