Monday, April 30, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

What a great, relaxing weekend -- it really felt like a vacation and we were gone for less than 48 hours!

We got to our campsite a little before 8 and quickly pitched the tent, then had dinner with our friends, campfire, a nice walk around the campground (way up on top of the mountain). It was really hot -- we had been expecting cooler temps and I ended up very glad to have taken one sleeveless top because it was in the 80s in the sun in the daytime!

On Saturday we took a LONG hike on a remote trail...down a canyon to a creek filled with icy water to soak our tootsies in! I'm not sure how many miles it was, but it felt far...probably an hour and a half in and out and a couple of hours by the creek. Our friends took their big dogs and they had a ball in the water. It was gorgeous. The hike back up the hill was not too hard, but I realized how narrow and rocky the trail was so some acrophobia kicked in a bit (not aided by my lingering vertigo situation!)...I just kept on marching up the hill and tried not to look down!

Saturday evening some more friends came, we sat around and rested after our hike and read and then we had a huge pitch-in dinner around sunset. I realized today that we didn't eat ANY bad stuff! We all brought chicken or salmon, veggies, corn, salad dessert except some marshmallows (which, I thought were OK, but was horrified to read that they contain 25 calories EACH!). We feasted, then took another long walk and crashed.

Sunday we woke up and had all our leftovers in a scramble for breakfast, broke down camp then headed out to find a shorter hike (we were all still pretty pooped from the day before...dogs included!). We did a very short (hour or so) hike then split up to do our own stuff. DB and I checked out the visitor's center area for the place we were and walked around some more before heading home. We got back to my place by 3:15...even in time to go check out an open house and go grocery shopping before showering, hot tub, ordering dinner, movie and BED. :-)

I am thrilled that my knee made it through the strenuous hike. My legs, hips and butt feel very worked out today...sore, but in a good way. I think we need to hike more... we had a blast!

We put in our counter to the owner's counter on "our" new house today...we will probably have an answer tomorrow...and that's when we'll really panic about selling my house! We dropped my price a lot today and it's generated some interest...we need to SELL IT. So, yes, I took Vickie's advice and ordered a St. Joseph statue priority mail! ;-)

Busy times coming ahead...sticking to my food plan will be at least one place where I'll continue to be able to have control.


Vickie said...

When he arrives - remember to pray to him about finding a buyer for your house every day - I don't think you have to stand on your head to pray - just him.

Glad you had a fun trip.

Helen said...

I think he worked before I even got him...we got an (almost full price) offer last night! Don't worry, I'll still do the whole thing when he arrives...can't mess up the magic!

Helen said...

P.S. I like standing on my head to pray...that's my favorite part of yoga! :-)

Lori said...

Whoa, great news about the house!

But just as great, I'm glad you had a fun weekend with DB. You deserve it!

Yay for Helen!

Vickie said...

I heard 1/2 of something on the radio today - don't know the whole thing - talking about people who drink lots of water - right around meal time - and that it dulutes their stomach "juices" and there fore they are not processing food properly. If they talked about the GI - part - I missed it - they did say that this can lead to weight gain - because food isn't being absorbed as quickly as it should.

Vickie said...

It wasn't the drink of too much water - it was AT meal time.