Monday, April 2, 2007

A smile-inducing weekend :-)

When I think about this weekend, I just smile. Except for some dealing with my mom's healing process from her accident, it was just a lovely lovely time.

Friday night, I headed to the beach and DB and I walked to have dinner at one of our local favorites. I had a chicken fajita wrap with some (no lard) refried beans and a margarita. I felt this was pretty healthy (except for the margarita!) with a view toward getting my digestion working a little better (and it worked). Then we walked back to DB's place and I headed back home for the night. I really can't wait until DB and I have a place together -- naturally we both like sleeping in our own homes so we don't get to sleep together as much as we used to. It will be nice when we are both "home" in the same bed!

Saturday was crazy errand day -- I got a pedicure, got my tax return from my tax attorney, went down to my mom's to take her some groceries (she's feeling really beat up now...lots of pain...stayed in bed most of the weekend), then did my own grocery shopping and finally made it to the gym at 6 pm. Since I'm getting a lot back from taxes (it's great to have an interest-only loan on my house because I pay sooo much interest!), I wanted to take DB out for a special dinner (we are in ruts with our favorite restaurants). We didn't have a clear idea of where to go, so I suggested that we walk down to a very cute street about 3 blocks from my house where we could just stroll and pick a restaurant that we hadn't been to. We walked up and down for probably an hour before picking a very "special occasion" sushi place. The atmosphere was beautiful (I felt like I was in Tokyo), the food was healthy, fresh and good and the wine was also special. We split a teeny sesame creme brulee for dessert. Yummy! Then we walked home. I think all this walking cancels out the two bites of creme brulee. ;-)

Yesterday my BFF took about 10 people out for a thank-you buffet brunch at a place overlooking the Marina. It was a gorgeous day and I actually ate less than I ever had at this buffet. I chose a LOT of salad (which was delish) and fish mostly. The only "bad" thing I had was a tiny tiny piece of banana bread pudding. We sat there for about 3 hours and unfortunately I had forgotten my sunscreen on my arms so today I have a farmer's sunburn on my arms. Ouch! At least I remembered my moisturizer with sunblock for my face!

After brunch, I went back to BFF's house where my pets were staying in her yard while there was (yet another) open house at my house. After that, I went home and cleaned out my car, then DB came and picked me up for a date! Fun! We went down to the beach and just walked around looking at everything, wandering the walk streets, looking at houses and dreaming of living in one. Then we just wanted a little snack for dinner so we headed to a wine and tapas place that we hadn't tried before and loved it. We both just had little plate of food (after the buffet, that's all we needed!) which was perfect. Then DB took me home and we smooched in the car like teenagers before he went home! ;-) What a fun date! I am thrilled that we still have such special times together after almost 3 years...the romance is still alive! :-) I am a very very lucky woman.

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Lori said...

What a wonderful weekend (minus your mom) overall. DB sounds delightful and everything you did sounds relaxing, with great company, and you were really careful with your food. You should be proud of yourself and having a bite of a dessert is not at all bad! We're suppose to enjoy life too.

Sushi's very low in points and the restaurant sounds wonderful. I hope you get to go there again.

I'm so glad you had a great weekend; you sure do deserve it after being sick.