Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The poop

The poop on the poop: I've been trying a lot of different recommendations to get my digestion moving. It seems to be better the past few days. I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast (wish there was a non-sweet way to eat this...I'm not really a sweets person and if I have to eat this every day it will get old FAST). I've also eaten a lot of artichokes (which I love, are in season and have lots of fiber). Maybe the oatmeal/artichoke thing is working. If not, I'll switch it up again!

The poop on real estate: We're making an offer today on the house. It's a lucky date because today is the 47th anniversary of the day my parents met. Please send strong real estate energy! And even more to SELL my house! :-)

The poop on my weight: I've been weighing every day. I was down 3 pounds today from yesterday. It's just weird to fluctuate this much. But...I'd rather fluctuate down than up. I'm skipping the gym tonight because I have a really bad case of vertigo and will go tomorrow (my regular day anyway) instead. I'll take a walk at lunchtime today though.

The poop on The Landlord (linked below): The little girl is the daughter of Will Ferrell's partner (the other guy in the clip). I'm sure that little one is way too young to understand what she is saying...I think her mommy is off camera telling her what to say and she is just mimicking then they cut it all together. Still the most hilarious thing I've seen all week...and it's been a week where laughs have been much needed.

Here's some more poop on Pearl that I found on-line for worried mommies: :-)

The clip has infuriated some viewers, but McKay has leapt to the defence of the comic star. McKay told People magazine: "Fortunately she is in this great stage now where she repeats anything you say to her and then forgets it right away, which is key.

"She has not said the 'B-word' since we shot the thing. We invited a friend with a camera over and shot it in about 45 minutes.

"We shot several shorts but we liked this one the best. I am not sure that it is the funniest - it is just that you can't beat Will being cursed out by a two-year-old."

In an 'email interview', believed to have been written by McKay, Pearl said: "I two-years-old. But when I wear my Dora shirt I look one-and-a-half.

"I like to put my hands in the fountain. I watch Wonderpets. I like to buy old houses and flip them for a profit so I can buy boxes of Gallo wine.

"Will Ferrell no pay rent. I want my money. That's why I mad." McKay - who has two daughters with his wife of 11 years, actress Shira Piven, sister of Entourage' star Jeremy Piven - set up for his friends to showcase comedy sketches.

He directed and co-wrote Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby with Ferrell.


Vickie said...

Okay - I feel better. . .

Vickie said...

I am eating REAGULAR oatmeal - the kind that comes in the fall round cylinder box - takes just minutes to cook - NO sugar in it. I think you can probably do it in the microwave - but if I put it on first - by the time I get my other stuff ready - it is ready - just minutes. Are you eating the packets?????