Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amazing what a few days of eating can do...

I can hardly breathe in my pants. Thanksgiving wasn't TOO bad food-wise...I make everything as low-fat/low-cal as I can. But eating that food for the next few days with NO exercise takes it's toll. On Friday when I weighed I was 3 pounds over what I was on Wednesday. THAT's how much I fluctuate. And it's kinda depressing when I watch DB eat a couple of pieces of pie a day an he LOSES. :-(

We spent Friday and most of Saturday at the house healing...him healing from his shoulder surgery and me from my cold (which is finally feeling better, but not BETTER yet). It was nice, but no exercise and my tummy feels bigger and bigger.

Today we ran around all day. Our new pad is very 60s mod and we are having fun thinking of planning our holiday/housewarming party with a 60s mod vibe. We bought an antique aluminum tree today and DB is right now putting only red bulbs on it. I love it for our party, but I still want a real tree for Xmas!! We're gonna try to dress very 60s housewifey mod for our party...I'm thinking a teased 'do like Amy Winehouse/Jackie O. DB is looking at striped corduroy pants. ;-)

I wish you all could be in for Saturday? :-)


Grumpy Chair said...

Sounds like so much fun.

My parents had one of those aluminum trees decorated with blue ornaments.

Lori said...

Oh, we had one of those aluminum ones -- we had a spotlight that you shined on it -- it spun different colors because (obviously) you couldn't put lights on it because of fire. I want to buy that red tree that's available at Kohl's but somewhere, there's got to be a pink artificial tree out there.

You need some Henry Mancini and Mantovanni Christmas music -- or maybe Dean Martin!? Then maybe Ella and Louis Armstrong singing Christmas songs and you must serve Chex Mix. :-)

(I think some of the Turkey stuff is sodium. Don't sweat it.)

Just get well! Take photos!