Friday, November 9, 2007

Well, it worked...

...or something did! I am down over 2 pounds this week. So, it's either the New Regime or the fact that I actually exercised my "usual" number of days this week for the first time in a few months. I guess I have to stick with the New Regime now! ;-)

I still am about 6 pounds over what I was when I broke my that weight I was pretty comfortable and heading down...10 pounds below that and I'll be VERY comfortable.

Had a bad encounter with a mirror today...kind of took the glow away from the loss. But trying to balance bad mirror news and good scale news.

I'm also feeling a little bummed about the toe/foot situation. At the moment I can't wear any shoes except flip-flops (which are pretty chilly at this point) or Ugg-like boots. Needless to say, my usual office chic is a little hard to maintain with these restrictions.: much as I love Uggish boots, they don't really go with nice office dresses. And now I'm looking toward holiday parties...nice black tie dresses with Uggs. Ugh.

I'm also trying to replace some of my Ugg-ish boots and can't seem to find any for under $60 that are nice and cozy. I even have a friend who works at a big famous shoe company who got me their brand of Uggs, but they are hard and don't fit right over my toe so I wasted $22 on those -- anyone a size 10 who wants some nice Ugg-ish boots? ;-)

The REALLY good news is that DB is home tomorrow and then will be home for a whole month!! The past 4 weeks, he's really only been here for 1 week...he hasn't had any real chance to feel at HOME in our home. :-( But next week he has surgery on his shoulder and will be home for 4 weeks -- during which time we'll have our first Thanksgiving in our new house, our holiday/housewarming party, and lots of "pissing and moaning" from the patient. I can't wait!!!! :-)

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Lori said...

I'm a 9 1/2ish. They sound nice. I'd pay you for the shoes & shipping.

Can you wear some nice peep toe shoes? Or Danskos? Or some nice upscale flip-flops? Or clogs?

Here at UVa, the kids wear flip-flops all the time even in ice storms, and even with nice dresses.