Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nurse Helga

It's already started...DB is practicing being helpless. This morning he decided to get dressed with just one arm. He discovered that I had to button his pants and that he could not put on socks. LOL So I may be looking at several weeks of flip-flops, Uggs and sweatpants (if he had any!).

We go in for the surgery (arthroscopic for labral tear in shoulder) at 9 am. If it's anything like my arthroscopic surgery last year, we should be heading home by 1. And then the real fun will begin. ;-) We're stocked up on drugs from the doc. I'll be home tomorrow all day, but anticipate that he'll be sleeping most of the time so I'll be able to work at least a little.

It's gonna be hard to see him in pain like this...although he's been in pain for the past 5 months with this problem so at least there's an end in sight. And he has a sinus infection. And I am still fighting this cold (although I feel a bit better today, I still cancelled our dinner plans for tonight -- soup and bed sounds better). Maybe we'll spend tomorrow afternoon in bed together recuperating! ;-)

The food and exercise and SSO drinking has been good this week. After just a week, I find I do not miss the booze -- it's all about getting out of the habit. Same with food: we're having fish and a vegetable for dinner pretty much every week night and that feels good. We're watching post-dinner snacking. I'm finding it a little harder to go to sleep without the drinking, but hopefully that will get better as I can exercise more. And taking care of DB post-surgery will be exercise in more ways than one! He has been such an angel taking care of me post-TWO surgeries...I want to be as good for him as he was for me.

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Vickie said...

good luck

do you ever make tomato soup from scratch? I don't do canned (even low sodium gets me). I had artichoke and tomato on Monday with oldest and am curious about making tomato soup in general. Is it as easy as just throwing tomatoes in blender??? I found artichokes packed in water (no oil) - that added a lot of taste (to one in restaurant). I am not sure what spices to use - ideas???