Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving thanks

It is highly unlikely that I will be able to write tomorrow with cooking, prepping and guests so today while it is slow at the office I thought I'd do my annual summary of things I am most thankful for:

- DB. My number one. My love, my playmate, my friend. I waited so long to find him and I am grateful to have him in my life every single day.
- The rest of my family (Mommy, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Niece and Nephew, DB's Kids and Grandkids). My heart is filled with love and appreciation for all of these remarkable people. I am so lucky to call them my family.
- Friends. My friends are like family to me. They enrich my life every day. (That's YOU, dear readers!)
- Our new house. HOME. Ahhhh. :-)
- My job. Stable here for just over 14 years. Unbelievable. It still challenges me most every day. And my assistant, bosses and clients? The BEST.
- My (relative) health. OK, so I've had a couple of surgeries, have had a cold for 10 days and am 20 pounds over what I'd like to could be a LOT worse. I'm in great shape really. But still working on getting better...and I'm grateful to be ABLE to work on that. :-)

It's been a big year with lots of exciting and stressful times -- and I am thankful for every minute.


Vickie said...

I got the soup recipes all together and husband helped me make a list of what things (mostly spices) that I need from the store. I have my list all ready the next time I am there. How did DB do with all the excitement/company???

Lori said...

You're so thoughtful and see the bright side of things. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!