Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had a little surger-ette this morning at the doctor's office. He numbed me, made a couple of incisions and pulled two of the remaining 3 pins out of my toe (including the one that was coming out of its own accord - yes, it was coming out the interior side of my toe!). The only painful part was when he was giving me the shots to numb my toe -- OW. I got nauseous and had to lie down. But when he was doing the actual surger-ette, I hardly even felt pressure. But there sure was a lot of blood!! Icky. I'm super duper happy to have that one that was sticking out and hurty gone though! He's a little worried that the incision isn't totally healed and looks a little infected, so he's putting me on an antibiotic for a week and I go back next week to see him. I'm happy about this too since maybe the antibiotic will kick this cold (that I've had for over two weeks) out of my system once and for all too!! :-)

Anyway, I've now got two new steri-stripped incisions on my toe and it's all bandaged up nice. I can shower tonight though as long as the new incisions aren't bleeding. And I have to make sure to wear a bandaid or sock all the time until it's healed (unless I'm in flip-flops).

This all makes me say "oh well, no exercise tonight". But nooooooo. I will still be doing pilates. I can do the mat stuff without putting any weight on my legs/feet. Gotta keep the tummy reducing. After eating well and not drinking for just ONE DAY (yesterday), it's amazing how much less flabby I feel. Good reminder not to get discouraged and give up after overdoing it. And there will be more overdoing it this weekend: my firm's holiday party is this Friday and our housewarming hoedown is on Saturday night. Sunday we will stay home and I will make my famous post-Thanksgiving turkey soup. :-)


Lori said...

Oh dear lord, just imagining all of this made me feel bad for you. You poor thing. (And yes, I think the shots to numb you would be the worst...I'd need shots to numb me for the shots.)

You are so inspiring to keep doing things like Pilates even with a bloody toe. Get feeling better, okay?

PS the boots came today and they are so awesome!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Vickie said...

I felt a little queasy myself and I wasn't looking at it.

Can you get the wound in the SUN? I think the sun has lots of healing power.

So sorry to hear that your cold is still there. Both my girls had them this week - 2 days each - which is really unusual at our house. Hubby has it now. I'll be very surprised if I get it. We all got flu shots two Thursday's ago (week before Thanksgiving). Middle child swears that she has a reaction to the flu shot and gets "this" every time as her body builds immunities - did you get one? Do you think this too?

Helen said...

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my flu shot this year yet so that can't be it. Although I agree with your middle child...I usually get a reaction. I actually think the antibiotic the doc gave me for my toe is already helping the cold - I woke up today for the first time in over two weeks without a cough! But still sniffley...