Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still sick...

...and it's been a week. I'm not getting worse really, but I'm not getting better at all and I'm starting to get an aching feeling in my chest (this has been all about a chest cold/cough). Trying to take care of me and DB and I'm afraid I've felt taking care of DB was more important. He's doing better...still in a lot of pain, but motion is coming back and he's doing PT every day. I went with him yesterday to learn some stuff so I can help him over the long PT-less weekend. Basically I just can't wait until we BOTH feel better.

I've been doing well on food and SSO drinking, but no formal exercise since last Thursday night. I hope I have the energy to do at least pilates tonight.

Despite everything, I'm still looking forward to Thanksgiving a lot! I'll bake my pies tomorrow night, get up early Thursday to get the turkey in, do some yard clean-up, then finish everything before people show up at 3. I'll have about 8-10 people....including the man we bought our house from and his wife and one of my oldest friends from college (who is visiting in town this week) and his wife. :-)

Trying to get a lot done at the office today so I can leave early and go home to bed...cuddling up with DB in bed for days at a time would be so much more fun if we both felt better!


Vickie said...

I went for years and years and years being diagnosed with cold that went into chest and turned into bronchitis - and it never was.

It was asthma - every single time.

Once I got the asthma under control - I have not had a cold or anything in my chest since - and I am around kids all the time.

I am "crazy" - but I don't have colds or bronchitis any more. . .

Maybe I have asked you this before and just don't remember, but are you sure that it isn't actually asthma?

On the tomato soup quest. I bought Roma's. I washed them and put them in the freezer. Once frozen - I think I remember that when I run them under HOT water - the skin pops right off the frozen tomato.

Vickie said...

I popped over to Lori's coach person and read her site


it was interesting and I think you might enjoy reading it too.

Lori said...

Get well! Your pies sound delicious as does your soup. You're so kind to go to the PO for me but you should have waited until you felt better. I want you well!

Yes, Vickie, you can also plunge the tomatoes into boiling water quickly and pull them out and the skins will come off.