Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tag, I'm It

Whew, lots of typing last one before I head to the showers and early bed (maybe Ocean's Thirteen before).

Thora tagged me and this seems like a fun one so here we go:

Four dishes I like to cook:
1. Thanksgiving dinner -- yes, the whole thing! My favorite since I was 13. :-)
2. Turkey soup post-Thanksgiving -- I love how the rosemary infuses the air of the house.
3. Moroccan tagine -- delicious spicy different stew. Yummy.
4. Whatever the latest thing is that I've tried! Tonight I made Curry Fish Chowder. Delicious!

Four qualities I love in people:
1. The ability to laugh -- This is akin to humor, but somehow something more.
2. Intelligence -- I'm a super snob about this. Can't bear stupid people. That's you, Mr. President. ;-)
3. Open-mindedness -- Judgmental is the worst thing I can think of. This is the opposite.
4. Passion -- for something, anything. Your job, your dog, your politics, your sex life, your skillet. Anything.

Four places I have been (this is hard, I've been a LOT of places):
1. France -- All over. I lived in Brittany and Alsace while in school and have been back many times. When I was 16 I lived with a family and they are still my family of my heart. :-)
2. New York, New York -- My second hometown. I became an adult while living there. And fled for a better standard of living at 30. But my heart (and my sister and her family) still lives in the greatest city of all.
3. Catalina Island, California -- My special anniversary spot with my sweetie. It's 26 miles off the shore of Los Angeles, but it feels like a Mediterranean paradise. No cars, just golf carts, gorgeous scenery, snorkeling (I learned there on our first anniversary), jet skis, fabulous dinners, a paradise for vacation.
4. Punaluu and North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii -- In December. I adore the huge waves. I adore watching the surfers. I adore Kahuku shrimp. I adore spam sushi. I adore poke. I even adore the fact that DB dumped me off a jet ski in the middle of the ocean! I adore the utter relaxation of a special vacation there.

Four things in my bedroom:
1. DB -- if I'm lucky.
3. A book.
4. Dog bed (with dog, if I'm lucky).

Four dirty words I like to use:
Fuck (and so many beautiful variations thereof), Shit, goddamn it, and fuck again for good measure. ;-)

I'm tagging Vickie, Grumpy, and Cindy...and anyone else who thinks this might be fun! :-)

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