Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Friday, Another Weigh-in

Today I am down a whopping 1.6 pounds. This sure doesn't seem like much from all the exercise and good eating and drinking I've been doing (and not doing). But I guess I should be happy I'm not UP. And I am. Plus my body FEELS like a greater loss....hopefully more toned due to the exercise. It really SUCKS how much easier it is to put ON the weight than it is to take it off...

Last night I even went 5 minutes longer than usual on the elliptical...from huffing and puffing at level 1 just about 10 days ago, I'm now up to level 3 and have to really work to break a sweat. This makes me happy. And I still love my gym and look forward to going so that is great too. In fact, I'm loving it so much and getting a little worried that there is almost no one there ever...worrying that that might CLOSE if they don't get more business. Or maybe their business is more in the morning and I always go after work...who knows?

Tonight I pick up my correct-sized wetsuit and I am very excited...maybe I'll jump in the ocean this weekend?! Tomorrow I'm going to my mom's to have brunch and help out with some things she needs done, then to the gym. Sunday is yoga and shopping for warmer clothes for our upcoming ski trip. Monday I'm supposed to go skiing locally, but I think I'll bag out of it -- getting up when it's dark is not for me as I was reminded this morning when I had to get up early for a doctor appointment about The Toe.

Oh yeah, The Toe...well, the doc removed the final pin today that was moving out so hurting. I also had a needle aspiration to see if there's an infection in there (crossing fingers not). Since I had a little incision today I have to go back on Thursday to make sure it's healed enough for me to hot tub the next week when we're skiing. Yes, another reason maybe I shouldn't ski this coming Monday. I think I should go to the outlet mall to shop instead... ;-)

DB is back on Sunday. I'm really missing him. But he got sick yesterday so I'm hoping his germs are dead by the time he's home...I don't want to be sick on vacation!!!!!!!

Have a good long weekend, everyone!

P.S. to Lori: I don't keep a food log. My philosophy is that that is something I would never do on a long-term basis. When I'm losing weight I'm not "on a diet", I'm "changing my diet" and look at what I'm doing as a long-term, not temporary thing. This worked when I lost the "big weight". I tried the log when I first started losing last year (I was going to say "trying to lose", but I have been losing...and gaining back) and it just didn't stick with me. I'm pretty sure I'm not fooling myself...I know what I eat (and drink) that's "bad"...and I just have to minimize it even more.


Grumpy Chair said...

Helen, you always have the most exciting, fun weekends planned.

Congratulations on 1.6 pounds loss.

Enjoy your weekend.

Vickie said...

Maybe you can recline in the hot tub with your foot propped up on the side - pretend it is a yoga pose.

Anne M. said...

Good job on the elliptical - I never got past the huffing/puffing stage and love that you were able to work up to level 3 in only about 10 days. Gyms are crowded on different schedules. You may just not be there at the more active times.

What a combo of outfits - wetsuit and ski clothes? I'm impressed with all your activities!

Lori said...

You have the most fun and you're so lively and happy!

I hope your toe feels better...

Congrats on the loss!!!!whoo whoo