Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Gym

Wow, the New Gym is really BEAUTIFUL. There are abstract paintings on the wall, everything is new, the machines are smooth, it's not crowded and the people are nice. I guess it's worth the extra dough! ;-)

Had a great workout tonight -- fun trying new machines and a new kind of elliptical called the Wave which goes kind of sideways instead of straight front to back.

The soreness from yoga on Sunday is gone. Hopefully it will get better each week...I'm looking forward to finding out what happens...and if I'm sore tomorrow in different places!

I've been good with food and drink and was shocked to see my weight up today when I did a little aberration mid-week weigh-in...then my period started and I heaved a sigh of relief! At least some lbs. should be gone by Friday weigh-in. :-) At least they had better be!!


Grumpy Chair said...

Sounds like a nice gym, even crazier . . . it wasn't crowded! How great is that?!

I love to feel sore muscles, because I know my body is changing (or I should say I remember what it felt like to be sore from exercise)!

Lori said...

I'm trying to imagine the elliptical machine the way you described it. That sounds like a good work out for flexibility as well as saving your knees.

Amazing it isn't crowded....

You're doing great, Helen! You're sticking to it and working what you can. This new gym sounds wonderful!