Monday, January 14, 2008

Laughing and crying

Do you like laughing? Well, I do and I got a great chance to do it last night and I think it's actually good exercise!!! Eddie Izzard (the funniest person on the planet) is doing a series of stand-up gigs at a small theatre in L.A. to work on material. Through Goldstar (which I love) I got to see him at at 10 pm show last night! He was HILARIOUS...non-stop laughing for over an hour and a half is good belly tummy hurts today...or maybe it was the yoga yesterday? Who knows, but I am going to SAY it was the laughter. :-)

I also saw Juno (funny, sweet) on Saturday night...a few more laughs.

As to crying...I really could have when I went to put on some pants to go out last night that are some of my favorites and...they didn't fit! Somehow I am getting bigger despite good eating and excellent exercise (gym on Saturday...I didn't want to leave! -- and yoga yesterday -- less sore today than last week, but still was a toughie). This is depressing. But I'm not going to give up. No sirree! I'm just gonna hope next Friday's weigh-in is better and, even more important, that my clothes feel more comfy. Tonight I'm cooking a healthy fish/fennel dish with Brussels sprouts for dinner then settling in with Netflix. Tomorrow...GYM.


Grumpy Chair said...

I never knew he was a comedian - thought he was some fancy British actor - I watched his FX show last year where he was a modern day gypsy.

Good for you enjoying a great long belly workout.

Helen said...

Grumpy (and everyone else)...check out Dress to Kill (Eddie's stand-up) on your Netflix (or next time it's on HBO). I promise you will laugh your belly off! ;-)

Lori said...

Listen, don't think about the current state of the pants situation. Just remember that you're doing new things to make your life more healthier and saner like the yoga and the gym. Results will come, grasshopper, but in it's own sweet time.

I'm glad you had fun with Eddie Izzard. It sounded hilarious.