Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting moving again

Since I've decided/realized that I cannot lose this weight without it, yesterday I joined a new gym. It's a lot more per month than my last gym, but it is REALLY nice (beautiful new machines, gorgeous locker room, free towels and parking!) and I can quit any time. It's also super convenient -- I can take my gym stuff with me to work, stop there on the way home, work out and be home by 7:45 at the latest. I can't wait to start! :-)

Then, this morning, I went to my first private yoga practice with my old teacher. (Funny side story...she's from my hometown, went on a special program to France when in high school that only 30 kids from my home state each year were chosen for that I also went on another year and we met at a tiny yoga studio in L.A....I also was her "greeter" at her first Burning Man last year...the chances of this happening are about a zillion to one...small world!) It was wonderful. Wonderful. It was the kind of tough, challenging, GREAT practice I used to be used to. The big difference now is that I am WAY out of yoga shape. This is hard to confront, but I have to do it in order to get back. Having said that, I still can do a lot of things and my teacher is excellent at working with my injuries and challenges. She knows SO much about so much and applies all of it to her teaching. I almost cried in savasana, I was so happy (and dripping with sweat and feeling ALIVE).

I have two more Sundays that I have already paid for with her. I asked her today how much her usual fee is (I got these three on a special) and she gives a discount if you buy 10 sessions up front. While it's a LOT of money, I am SERIOUSLY considering doing this: going to new gym 3 days a week and buying 10 sessions with her and doing yoga on Sundays with her. The yoga would be something I really would look forward to...

The truth that I realized today is that while I CAN do yoga at home, it is not the same as doing it with another person/people...the collective energy really makes a difference to me. The problem is that there are no yoga studios close to my home, that do the kind of yoga practice I want to do, that have times that are conducive to me at this point. I think giving the gift of my teacher to me for a few months would really help me...not only does my body feel better after just one time, my spirit does too. The Yoga Glow is undeniable...and I want more of it!

Since I got home from yoga, I have been working on getting Christmas stuff put away and doing other projects around the house (DB is working today although he did put up my snazzy new spice racks in the kitchen and now my spices are all accessible and alphabetized -- such luxury, I've never had the space for that before!).

After I finish this post, I'm going to take down the aluminum tree, then take Doglet for a quick walk down to the beach...the wind has been so strong with the storms out here that we can actually hear the ocean crashing from our front yard (unusual) and I want to see it.

P.S. Saw Walk Hard last night and laughed our heads off...very funny if you like Judd Apatow-type silly movies (not as funny as Superbad to me though), and/or love music/know a lot about the music business and history. We really enjoyed it.


Grumpy Chair said...

Your yoga session sounds so wonderful. And the glow you must have. I need that right now.

Lori said...

I'm sure I could do the basic stuff that I'm doing in Pilates class at home. OTOH, I know I get pushed to do more with someone else. It's actually one of the few classes I've attended that I like (well, okay, like as much as I can like being tortured at some points in the evening).

I'm so glad you had a great session. That's really amazing the coincidences that you two have had over the years.