Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yoga DVDs

As requested by Vickie, here's the one I've been using:

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

and here's my all-time favorite:

Yoga Mind and Body

I recommend both...although neither is as good as a real live class!


Vickie said...

this is the one that I got - to have on stand by incase I couldn't find any classes over the holidays:

It is also with Suzanne Deason, Quick Start Yoga for Weightloss

Also Power Yoga with Rodney Yee also by Gaiam

Both are happily still in their wrappers. They are sort of under glass / in case of emergency.

Vickie said...

Colleen has us doing Warrior 3 and Standing half moon at every class now - 3 days a week. It is amazing how doing them regularly takes all the "I can't do that" out of me. I don't always STAY UP for any length of time - but I at least move there and get up to start.

We do standing half moon from triangle - bending front knee and reaching forward. And then sliding back into triangle on the way down.

We do Warrior 3 from Warrior 1 - laying our belly on that bent front leg and then lifting and straightening the leg. Then we slide back down into Warrior 1 to come down.

Grumpy Chair said...

I like Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss too. I have it in VHS format so haven't used it in a long long time, in fact don't even know if we have a VCR that still works! I think it is great you bought yourself some private yoga lessons, can't wait to read how they went.

Congratulations on DB's 5th granddaughter! (I'm behind in reading blogs this week!)

P.S. - I love your new layout - blue is so calming.