Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ski update

It was 14 degrees when we started skiing his morning at 10. Today was a glorious sunny day until it started to snow about 3...we skied for many hours (no breaks because we wanted to take advantage...well, I took one 10 minute break to warm up) and I did a header into a snow back, (because I was full of myself and doing so well that I tried a run that was a little too hard without DB skiing it first to let me know if I could) but otherwise had a fantastic day (even the fall was kind of fantastic...it was a SPECTACULAR fall!). ;-) Tonight snowing...hopefully beautiful again tomorrow...it will be our fourth day in a row on the slopes if so!! But if it's storming...we won't be as nuts as yesterday!!! ;-) Ow, my body is so sore and I'm worried I blew out a knee, toe or back today by trying the run that was too much for me (in my MIND...skiing is SO much in the mind...my body can do it)...but I love this kind of vacation...physical activity until about 4, then early dinner, rest, hanging out, RELAXING. It's unbelievably great for me...and before DB I never had vacations like this (even though I always wanted to ski)...he has opened up this exciting amazing new world for me!! :-) I am a happy and lucky (and sore) woman. ;-)

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Lori said...

I had been wondering how you were doing and how the vacation was going (given the TV reports here about the weather). I should have known that you would be gloriously happy and tired (in a good way) with the skiing and being on vacation. Don't overdo it with the knee but you knew I would say that anyway.

Have lots more fun!