Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This weekend was everything last weekend wasn't in terms of relaxing and I feel SO much the better for it! Well, Saturday maybe not so much relaxing, but still VERY great.

Saturday morning we got up early to drive to DB's pregnant Teacher Daughter's house for breakfast and to have Christmas. Problem was that we and Mommy Daughter (DB's oldest) had arrived just before us and no one had apparently told Teacher Daughter that we were definitely coming (yes, DB was apparently supposed to confirm!). Oh well, we brought breakfast and presents and had a great time. :-)

After that, we went to Mommy Daughter's house for a birthday party for her 3-year-old, Little Princess. Little Princess was the first baby I saw VERY young...15 minutes old...she is very special to me for that. :-) It's amazing that she is such a PERSON now...so articulate for a 3-year-old (probably 'cause her sister, Princess, is almost 8). We had a ball. :-)

Then we headed to some of our best friends' house (also up near the daughters -- 30-40 minutes from us) just to say hi and Merry Christmas. They ended up giving us drinks, appetizers and DINNER. Again, we had a ball. :-) They are going skiing with us in Utah in 4 weeks and we can't wait. These are some truly dear and special friends I got thru DB.

Sunday? We slept. DB slept almost literally ALL DAY!! ;-) We got up around 11. I made breakfast (French toast...low fat). I headed to the computer and joined DB back in bed at 1. We got up again at 3! I did yoga, but DB literally slept most of the rest of the day (except eating dinner and watching Paris, Je T'aime...great flick).

Yesterday, my mom came over at 11:30 and we headed out at noon. DB had no idea where he was driving to! My secret plan? A great luxurious inn in Ojai, dinner at a famous restaurant and REST. The inn was lovely...we had a living room with fireplace, flat screen tv, etc., a kitchenette, large bedroom with super fantastic smooshy comfy king bed, etc. Our dinner was less perfect...outside...lovely, but COLD. They provided lap blankets, but my feet practically had frostbite after dinner (pate, scallops, ice cream dessert). We cruised the lovely grounds afterwards, but couldn't wait to get back to our fireplace...where we snuggled up with jammies and watched Bowfinger (hilariosu Steve Martin/Eddie Murphy movie) until midnight when we had the New Year's Kiss to End All New Year's Kisses. Started at midnight minus 20 seconds and went on and on................

Today we slept in (again...aaahhhh), had breakfast in Ojai then took the long road home along the ocean. Checked out lots of possible beach camping sites for a future trip with the kids then home to OUR beach for sunset and wondering why ever leave when we live in paradise? :-) Mexican dinner (not too fatty) and now DB is sleeping off the margaritas and I'm having another before the total NEW YEARS CRACKDOWN.

Tomorrow...I'm losing weight. Seriously.

For today, Happy New Year to all...again. :-)


Vickie said...

I don't know HOW but somehow I had it in my mind that you were flying to NY on Monday and coming home Tuesday and doing something THERE for new years. . .glad you didn't have to spend hours and hours on a plane and were doing something closer to home. Sounds like you had a great long weekend.

Anne M. said...

Happy New Year! You had a very busy few days but got to see lots of family and friends plus a relaxing secret retreat at a fabulous inn. You sound so happy - I'm glad :)

Grumpy Chair said...

Your NYE sounded fantastic and romantic.

I'm ready and willing to start losing weight.