Friday, January 11, 2008

Hanging on to the NSV

It looks like this week I'll have to really learn patience and to hang on to those non-scale victories. I was really hoping this morning to see the scale moving back into happier territory after my good eating and excellent exercising. No such luck. In fact, if I hadn't done the unusual weigh-in the middle of this week I would have been REALLY REALLY challenged to stick with being "good": I am UP .8 from last Friday...but DOWN 2.4 from mid-week. I hate hate HATE these fluctuations. :-(

HOWEVER. I have had a lot of NSV this week:

- Three days of HARD exercise (one yoga, two gym). My body really FEELS good and I luxuriate in that.
- With the exception of a couple of glasses of wine on Wednesday, I have not been bad with food or booze at ALL. Well, the two helpings of shisito peppers for dinner last Sunday...maybe...but they were VEGGIES (and they flowed right through my system -- if you get my drift)
- I have pants on today that I bought two years ago at this time. While maybe not a victory that I'm not smaller, it's a big victory that I'm not bigger (and I have been in those two years)!
- Muscles weigh more than fat, right? So maybe, just maybe I'm smaller than last week...


I am not really discouraged though...I really LIKE moving my body more "normally" (for me) and I can't wait for gym and yoga this weekend...I love the "sore" feeling in my muscles...I can FEEL them again! :-)

Which is a good thing because DB has to leave for Nearby Town tomorrow for eight days to take care of his parents. He's been home non-stop for 2 months and that's a first for over a year at least. I am spoiled now...I really LIKE him being there when I get home at night and going to sleep and waking up to see his sweet face. But the week after he gets back, we're off to Utah to ski so we can make up for lost time! :-)

I have filled up my social calendar for the weekend (and next week) too...not to mention that I need to put all the Xmas boxes which are stacked up in DB's office under the house...I'll have plenty to keep my busy!


Vickie said...

I used to say Muscles more than fat and someone (maybe Laura) would chime in and tell me - denser than fat (I think that's what they say). And ABSOLUTELY a week of kicking up the exercise makes the scale go UP - so you really did LOSE. As soon as those muscles settle back in and are less inflamed - the scale will go back down.

Lori said...

The important thing that you're doing is living a healthier lifestyle which in itself is a total NSV. You're exercising, you're watching what you eat but you're also living too.

Things are going well, Ms. Helen!