Friday, January 4, 2008

The bad news and the good news

The bad news: I'm up again this week, but only a tiny bit. And I deserve it. This week I really let go and said "oh well, I've already gained, what's a little more?'. BAD plan. And I've got to watch that tendency to let myself off the hook.

The good news: I weigh less than I did last year on this date. Not much, but less. Next year, I hope I can say it's quite a bit less. And I got back on the eating right wagon again big time yesterday and I feel good.

I have been thinking a lot about food/weight/holidays. When I was thinner, I made sure that I stayed with my workout routine regularly over the holidays and I maintained. While I did continue to do my yoga, I didn't do it as often the past couple of weeks. I am sure that exercise is the key thing that I need to get heavily back into in order to successfully lose.

Soo...what am I going to do? On Sunday, I start my first of three private yoga sessions with an old teacher of mine (Christmas present from me to me). While I'd love to be able to do only yoga and lose the weight because that is the exercise that I actually LIKE and look forward to, I'm afraid that might not be possible so I'm going to check out a new gym near me and see about joining...after I get the weight moving off, I can go back to only yoga.

Speaking of yoga, I've been doing the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD that I got from Netflix and really like it a lot as a starting point to get me back into my yoga-jockitude. She really works those problem areas (for me, hips, thighs and waist) and holds poses for a good enough time (most yoga videos do not). I've now bought it. Have any of you tried this one? I find it so hard to find good yoga DVDs...the only other good one is the Ali McGraw/Erich Schiffman one that is over 10 years old but, in my opinion, still the best of all for my kind of practice.

Speaking of Netflix -- we watched Superbad last night. HILARIOUS. (Warning -- super raunchy!) Could I love Michael Cera any more? I don't think so. He cracks me up so much!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Cindy164 said...

I had twins in 1977 not 2007...silly me....sorry. Ooopsie - I was up a tad today. But in my 2-3 pound fluctuation range so I am not going to worry but I am going to eat better. And, like you I weigh less than last year at this maybe close to 20 pounds I think. Thanks for talking about yoga. I need to open my DVD for beginners...

Lori said...

Listen, you probably have a smaller body than you did last year too. I hope you enjoy the yoga classes.

I want to see Superbad too. Michael Cera is in Juno, btw. You'd really love that movie.

Vickie said...

Can you find your DVD on Amazon and post a link so I know (for sure) which one you are using???